I Had Planned For Months To Escape

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I was in a dimly lit room, the transmissions over the radio bounced off the equipment trying to combat the sound of the storm. This would be the last shift I would have as a radio engineer in the Soviet navy. From the corner of my eye I saw Boris making his way to my station. “Kourdakov, go grab a drink, I’ll take over for a bit!” He had no idea that I was not coming back. I had planned for months to escape, but the fear of getting caught made me hesitate. We were just a couple of miles off the shores of British Columbia, riding out the storm. I always wanted to live in the free world, this would be my only chance to leave my old life behind and start another one. I had made a flotation device out of an old tire in preparation for my escape. I paused to gather up some courage, looking out onto the pitch black water and jumped. I hit a jagged cliff face after swimming in the below zero temperatures for hours. I started to climb the slippery rocky occasionally cutting myself on the sharp ends. in spite of my physical condition I was loosing blood, fast. The blood together with the sea water in my cuts made the rocky face even harder to climb, but my motivation to find a better life kept me going. I got up to the top! Every ounce of strength was drained out of my body, I began to lose consciousness. I had almost made it, thinking to myself, I could not give up. Everything started to fade.
The only memory of my parent were from my close relatives and good friends of my father. They had died when I was only four, since then I was being moved from foster home to foster home. I couldn’t take it any more, it had to come to an end. At the age of six I ran away from my so called “home”. In a city as enormous as Novosibirsk I knew I had to survive by any means possible. At night I would sleep in the allies and dark crevices of the Novosibirsk train station. Being smarter than a six year old, the police found me. Not knowing what to do with me they put me in an orphanage, now my life was orphanage to orphanage. In Barysevo, a town twenty-seven kilometres from Novosibirsk, I found an orphanage that would never leave my mind.
The orphanage was filled with posters, “Proletarians of the world, unite!” and “The Red army will be the only army!” Lenin’s teachings were greatly studied in the schools in Barysevo. I became greatly interested in Communism. I became so good that the leaders of the children’s home put me in charge of the Communist Youth League, very soon I was in charge of teaching children about Communism. Some top officers had there eye on me right after I graduated. My work in the Communist Youth...

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