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Introduction: Human Security and Whose Security?
Much is said about the true nature of security and the individuals affected by it. The developments of threats around the world have transformed our understanding of the security and the importance behind the term. Since the Cold-War era ended, the world has experienced various threats through internal and external conflicts, such as diseases, poverty, economic downturn, natural disasters, and organized crime . These growing threats and widespread fear and insecurities challenge individuals to attain peace for the development of the human race.
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By focusing on human security, it places all human races at the center of consideration as its top priority.
This paper will solely focus on the concepts of human security, understanding the scope of it, discussing the ongoing debates and unresolved issues around the topic, and discuss the different kinds of threat that is a risk to human lives. To see how human security plays out, it would analyze Egypt and the insecurities within its borders.
Understanding Human Security
What is security? The problem of human security is that there is not a definite description of what it really means. The end of Cold War has brought different concepts of the definition of human security. Kanti Bajpai describe the development of security through the economic developments in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s which launched “a series of multinational independent commissions composed of prominent leaders, intellectuals, and academics” that “understood in the context of large global trends and forces which impinged on the individual.” The concept of human security focuses on individuals, despite their religion, gender, age, ethnicity, and other characteristics that distinguish them. Its concern is not through military, but though human life.

The analysis of the table made by Bajpai differentiates human security to state security, offering what entails within its source, the goals of both securities and the actors being affected by it. Many see human security as a lesser importance than state security. Yet, human security is often overlooked. State security is the protection of the state. However, different kinds of threats arise each day that humanitarian interventions take action and that “a growing number of threats come from new kinds of wars that take shape within societies or across states and do not fit well in a conventional warfare framework.” Human security allows scholars, for example, to examine the relationship of poverty and violence, and to treat them separately. Issues such as human trafficking or banning small and light weapons define human security into a narrow and broader spectrum
Defining human security has negative and positive features surrounding the topic. Human security is the “absence of threats to various core human values” while it is also expanded to “protect the vital core of all human lives from critical pervasive threats” Its vital core is placed to protect human freedoms in order to achieve a content life. Human security implies that a state cannot attain its sovereignty and international order without obtaining the individual’s security. Hampson sees this thought as a departure from traditional liberal nationalism, which helps secure democratic states by reducing external threats . Instead it places the individual’s safety as a key to global security and analyzing the relation of its nature- when the safety of the individual is threatened, so is the global security.

Human security’s intent is to link the freedom...

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