How Important Is Class Size In Determining Successful Academic Achievement?

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Students are always pursuing successful academic achievement, which is influenced by many factors. Among these, class size has recently been mentioned more and more. Some people hold that the smaller the class is, the higher scores the students get. But class size may not be the main factor in determining successful academic achievement. There are many other important factors which contribute to the students’ satisfactory academic performance. This essay will discuss that class size is one, but not the prime factor in determining the students’ successful academic achievement. It will then suggest what other factors, such as average teacher education, parental attention and education system background, could influence students in getting higher scores.

It is true that recent surveys on how class size can affect the academic achievement indicate its positive effect. The most famous one among these surveys is the Tennessee Study, better known as Project STAR, which was even prized by Frederick Mosteller (an eminent statistician in Harvard University) as ‘ one of the greatest experiments in education in United States history’ (Ehrenberg, Brewer, Gamoran and Willms, 2001). Because the study approach of STAR was well designed, for the students and teachers involved are selected and assigned randomly and different sizes of classes are arranged synchronously for the purpose of comparison (Ehrenberg, Brewer, Gamoran and Willms, 2001), the results of it are relatively reliable. This study shows that the students surveyed in small classes generally have improved academic achievements to a great extent than before, among which, a small group of primary school students performed even better in this survey. We can conclude from this survey that small class is one of the positive factors in...

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