How Francisco Pizarro And Hernán Cortes Have Impacted The World

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Francisco Pizarro: Spanish explorer who discovered and conquered the Inca Empire, nowadays Peru. Hernán Cortés: Spanish explorer who discovered and conquered the Aztec Empire, nowadays central Mexico.
Pizarro and Cortés were two great men in the history of the world, men who made an impact in society and left their print for future generations. There have been many conquerors and discoverers that, like them, have contributed to the advances in the world made by the human race. Discoveries and conquers have been made all over the world, in every civilization, in every period of time. History books are full of people who, in a way or another, changed the world, either by finding a cure to a certain disease, by making an important exploration, or by converting people into a certain religion. Some holidays, hospitals, schools, airports, and even churches are named after significant people who influenced our lives (and with “our” I mean the world as a whole) in such way that we want to remember them forever.
We all have Francisco Pizzaros and Hernán Corteses in our lives. We all have significant people that with some gesture or with some words have made a difference in our lives. These people are not mentioned in history books, nor have their own special holiday. Hospitals are not named after them and surely a hundred years from their deaths nobody is going to remember what they once did, but these people that I am talking about are the real heroes, they are the real discoverers, the real conquerors. They are the kind of people that enter our lives and stay there forever. I’ve met one. In his idiosyncrasy he discovered and conquered places in me I didn’t know existed.
His physical characteristics, mannerism, and personality captivated me. He is tall, Caucasian. His brown eyes match the color of his hair, and his white skin makes his hair looks darker. His breath is fresh and tempting; his lips tantalizing. His jaw bone is like the one of an angel and everything in him is beautiful. His long neck is always well perfumed, and every time...

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