Homicide Influences: How Culture, Religion, And The Economy Affect Homicide Rates

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Homicide Influences: How culture, religion, and the economy affect homicide rates

Throughout American history, many have tried to identify how the human mind operates. Most have come up with a solution different from the last. This paper will focus on what effects homicide rates such as prejudices, law, morals, and, in general, upraising. The three areas focused on are religion, socioeconomic structure, and culture. Each may be widely varied, but at the same time quite connected. The idea is to show how each of these statuses can affect an individuals’ mind to commit homicide. Furthermore, we shall see how each of the above affects and individual’s mind on how they perceive the ...view middle of the document...

” (Ellison, Burr, McCall 2003). The belief that the Bible should be taken literally, shields and individuals mind from the atrocity of their crimes. These kinds of people believe that their crime was ordained and that they will be protected from punishment.
Culture is a great influence among human life. It is who we are and what we are, in a sense. Based on culture, people commit deeds that they believe is approved by their kind. “Certain cultures may simply place little value on human life and in fact believe that life should be sacrificed to their sacred or secular Gods. Such cultures may thus provide the conditions in which Power can operate or diversity have its bloody effect.” (Rummel, 1994). “Strategies of action pertinent to defensive or honor-based violence emerge where the law is unavailable and may be amplified by moderate or high levels of poverty. However, when socioeconomic disadvantage is so severe that there is widespread institutional breakdown, strategies of action promoting more predatory and instrumental forms of violence may also evolve.” (Lee, 2011) Basically, culture is one of the most important influences in a persons decision making and therefore can increase the possibility of homicide and/or another form of violence. Because homicides are such drastic acts, the cross-cultural and historical information on homicide are numerous and basically uncontaminated by reporting biases as compared to data on almost every other human act.
Another factor in a person’s life is their socio-economic status in their culture. This is the status of poor, middle-class, and upper-class. Each is individually important to the culture for support and success. All three statuses are needed for a culture to survive; they will always be around even if to the smallest degree. “Conflict theory sees crime as a socially constructed label that powerful groups are able to place on the behaviors of groups or individuals who hold, in comparison, less social power and/or political authority.” (Chambliss & Seidman, 1971; Quinney, 1970; Turk 1969) Conflict theory is based upon the view that the fundamental causes of crime are the social and economic forces operating within society. “The concentrated disadvantage perspective is evidenced most clearly in the works of Wilson (1987,...

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