Helping Young Students Achieve Success Essay

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I believe that all children should have an opportunity to be educated within a diverse setting and individualized teaching. Each student should be treated as an individual and using positive interaction with each individual. The importance of education was a part of my family culture. My personal experience of promoting child development began in Head Start, Las Vegas, Nevada, while attending school. Implementing what I was learning in my classroom curriculum was a learning experience for me and my students. I learned that the more knowledge I imparted on my students, their learning process became easier. I believe in children having hands-on experiences. I learned to build relationships with family and communities to understand the dynamics of individualize teaching. Enculturation is learned at home as well as the school. As an educator, I believe student need to have exposed to the community and different aspects of jobs to acquire into working adults. The younger a child begins building knowledge it will grow exponentially. There are sensitive periods that are critical for a child’s learning. I understand the significance of evaluation where the children are at on an individual bases. From my observance, when students have difficulty, it is harder for them to catch up with their peers. I believe all students can learn, not all at the same rate.

The teacher environment should be inviting and students encouraged communicating through verbal, pictures, artwork or play. Students come in with different experiences and values. The classroom should offer various teaching style to individualize as much as possible for the students. The teacher should foster security and self-worth to their students, setting them up for success. Teaching specific activities, with generalization in the different centers, promotes learning. Modeling and cooperative teaching will encourage socialization. Exploration activities will enhance student’s independence and problem solving skills. The education should know the content that is being taught with hands on expeience be presenting to the class. The educator should know how the material will be presented to the students. I believe in teaching concrete facts that is meaningful to...

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