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Does the Supreme Court have the right to prohibit felons from owning firearms and if so why? This is the theses statement for this paper bring up the question does the second amendment protect felons and their right to bear arms even though they have been charged of a felony doing with or without prior weapon charges? First a felony charge is typically invoked by violence generally more severe then a misdemeanor resulting in one or more years in prison also can incorporate the death penalty, but that is irrelevant a dead person cannot use a gun. So the main focal point for the Supreme Court is the idea that most felonies are related to violent crimes.
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Both had their civil rights restored Beechman in Tennessee and Jones restored in West Virginia were they committed the felony. Both were determined to be capable of carry fire arms because they were restored their civil rights.
Caron V. United States 1998, Gerald R. Caron the petitioner or diffident in this case appealed to the Supreme Court after his 1994 violation of 18 U. S. C. ァ 922 on four accounts of firearm possession after felony breaking and entering coupled with attempt to murder charges. Three firearm possession convictions in Massachusetts and one in California. Caron believed that the three convictions was in lesser terms double jeopardy idea. But the Supreme Court denied Caron's appeal actually then turning and convicting Caron with as an armed career criminal.
In summary, felons can not carry firearms when federal convicted in violation of 18 U. S. C. ァ 922. possession convictions can be stacked even if the felony is committed in different states. In accordance to the Supreme Court and under an unpublished order Nos. 96-2338, 96-2339 and sentenced as an armed career criminal. But if civil right are returned after a federal conviction firearm...

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