Greed Is Good In Business But Bad In Democracy

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As we pulled into the driveway of the Flight 93 memorial, I hear absolute silence giving respect to the fallen passengers of United Flight 93. We walk out and read the stories of Flight 93; dark thoughts fill my mind about what happened on that plane the morning of September 11. Overwhelmed with the idea of 9/11, I walk down the path where the plane had crashed. I see the rock and I think to myself what would have happened on 9/11 had we not had the current government or if we had a monarchy like the UAE or a government rule similar to North Korea? What is democracy? Is it freedom, a say in government, or a secret monarchy? We really do not know. Democracy is really just a new type of ...view middle of the document...

Southern companies workers were all slaves and they harvested the cotton and did all the companies manual labor without the companies having to pay a cent. If slavery were abolished who would do all the work the slaves were doing and especially for free. Money has taken over our moral environment from the start. From slaves all the way up to health care.
Think about healthcare. Health care in the United States is extremely expensive. Is an operation this expensive in all countries? No, prices in other countries are less than half as expensive as the U.S. The U.S. prices of medical costs force people into insurance so the insurance companies make money. A nurse from Virginia said, “Our health care system is messed up, with government regulations, health insurance, and outrageous prices on operations. Our problem will not be fixed with democracy because of our high up place in the world. The United States gets in the middle of everything causing us to have the highest prices when an operation can be done in Asia, or Africa for half the price” (interview 2). Health care in the United States can be very corrupt. For instance, if you do not have Health Insurance, the Affordable Care Act says you must pay a hefty fine over 7500 dollars! Because of this fine, it almost forces you into purchasing health insurance. President Obama added in 2.1 trillion dollars more debt trying to get this bill passed and it didn’t work in our favor. Will this new bill help contain costs in the long run or just add to “entitlements” that we citizens are “greedy” for? If we are getting in to so much debt with health care what about war?

War, the cause of much of our debts, the place where our government is most corrupt and boundaries are broken. My roommates and I watched the Washington channel 7 news every night and the deficit was brought up in the newsroom. An analyst talked about why we were...


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