Going Beyond Pain In Chris Crutcher's Stotan

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Going Beyond Pain in Chris Crutcher's Stotan

High school buddies and members of the swim team Walker, Nortie, Lion and Jeff accept the challenge to participate in Stotan week, a week of rigorous swim training that pushes them beyond physical pain and tests their moral fiber, changing their lives forever.  In the novel Stotan  by Chris Crutcher a team of teenagers and best friends brace themselves for what’s going to be the hardest week of their lives mentally, physically, and emotionally.  A “Stotan” is a cross between a stoic and a Spartan.  Through this time of hardship they learn about friendships, relationships, dealing with cancer, racism, and physical abuse.  Each of the four best friends learn more and more about each other and help each other when they need help.  They come together as a group, team, and family.  Each of them have a tremendous conflict that can not be resolved with just one persons help.  They all help each other repair the emotional scars if one of them were suffering.  They all have one thing in common which was that they all want to be the best they can be and being so determined.  In Stotan By Chris Crutcher four boys Walker, Jeff, Nortie, and Lion experience a time of emotional and physical turmoil with the only way to overcome these barriers is to come together as a team with determination in mind. 

            One of the team mates with a conflict that needed to be resolved is Lion.  Lion lives alone in a tiny apartment with a hot plate.  He gets lonely sometimes and the only things that stop him from getting depressed are swimming and being with his best friends Walker, Jeff, and Nortie.  They never talk about Lion’s life but he knows that they life him for who he is not because they pity him.  But when Lion gets depressed they help him a great deal.  Swimming is Lion’s focus though.  He is so determined to be the best that whenever he would swim he HAD to be the best.  There was no way he would let someone beat him.  Lion had a conflict which was resolved because of his best friends, his team and because he never quit towards his goal, he never let his dream die to become the best.

            Walker is the team mate with the least of the problems and he is the leader of the group.  Walker didn’t exactly have a conflict compared to his friends but is the leader of the group.  He is the narrator of the story and shows everybody’s story from all angles.  Walker’s conflict is his brother.  His brother is an alcoholic, drug dealing, high school drop out.  Walker would help him no matter when he was stuck somewhere or needed an excuse for their parents.  Other than Walker saving his brother’s life he wouldn’t spend any time with him.  This problem is nothing compared to the others.  Walker individually helped Jeff, Lion, and especially Nortie.  When Nortie got in big trouble for hitting  an eight year old boy at a daycare center Walker was the one who explained everything to the teachers and...

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