Gentrification And Women Essay

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Gentrification has many definitions. However it all comes to one idea that it displaces many of the original residents from the previous working class neighborhood by more affluent people, usually in professional or managerial occupations. In other words, it is displaced by the middle class or higher-income groups. At the same time it physically renovates the housing stock to meet the new requirement of the new owners, which involves the rehabilitation of old houses and streets on an individual basis. However it is usually encouraged by groups such as estate agents, building societies and local authorities. By doing this process, it may increase the housing price and tenure often changes ...view middle of the document...

Homogamy can be defined as a marriage between individuals who are similar to each other. This may be based on the socioeconomic status, class, gender, ethnicity or religion. Also it may refer to the socialization customs of particular groups, for example people tends to socialize with each other that have similar culture, class, gender or religion.
As people tend to marry with the others that have a similar background, it is harder to decrease the social gap between the different social groups. (Explain the connection between homogamy and women. )

Role of women in gentrification was stated as one of the important groups fuelling demand for gentrified housing. However, discussions of marginalization and urban poverty suggest that women are also among those vulnerable to displacement as a result of gentrification. By looking at the economic change, demographic change and the issue between production and consumption it may explain the presence of women on both sides of the gentrification process.

From the economic sense, different research has suggested that gentrification has been stimulated by the increase of participation of women in the labor market.
This statement was particularly made due to the increasing success of middle class women in obtaining well paid, career jobs; women drawn from particular social groups are claimed to be swelling the ranks of the 'yuppies’. One of effects of increase in employment of female allows women to be more economically independent. It allows women to have more power in choosing what they want and to make household decisions. The improvement in the social status and position of women within some segments of some local labor markets appears to create more, relatively affluent housing. As the development of household is smaller, many headed by only one person or by women with children. Central urban areas are probably more attractive than outer areas for single people with a more outward-oriented social life rather than for households with children. However, I believe that the smaller household is not just affected by gentrification but also the change in laws, how people looking at single families are now different compare to before.

There is also a demographic change in the position of women in the labor market. This also link to the idea of change in the position of women in the family and also the inter-connection between the processes of production and consumption. The change of social position of women is many due to the increase of education they have. Researchers have identified that the high increase of education of women has led to an increase in the number of single women professional living alone in gentrified areas. The increase of higher education for women also breaks down the traditional gender roles that we have in mind as it may allow women to have more access to power and economic support. This factor also leads to the lack of affordable housing in these areas for resident who are not...

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