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In modern society is a necessity for us to follow those in charge; it allows society to operate smoothly. There are notable leaders and forgettable ones. The differences between the notable ones and forgettable ones are how they rise to power and what they do with it. Some do great things and are revered even after they pass on, other are examples of what terrible power a leader can have. Throughout history there has been both types of leaders, ones who help people, and one who hurt people. There power over their followers are the same, both good and bad leaders are able to convince their followers to do as they say. They are able to persuade their followers to fight, take beatings, go to jail, kill other, and even kill themselves for them. This is the power a leader can hold over their followers. This paper will explore the history of four prominent leaders, their leadership styles, analysis of their followers and the impact of these leaders on their followers and society in general.
Hitler. Adolf Hitler was born in 1889, in Austria. His father Alois worked in customs and his mother was a say at home mom. When he was young he found one of his fathers books on war and became obsessed with it (Toland, 1976). Alois and Hitler were confrontational when he was a young boy. In his book Mein Kampf, Hitler talked about his confrontation with his father over his own future (Hitler, 1939). Hitler felt more German pride over Austrian pride as another way to rebel against his father (Toland, 1976). In his early years he had trouble in school but did better as he grew up (Toland, 1976). Then in 1900 his brother Edmund died, this deeply change Hitler (Toland, 1976). He became morose, and started to do badly in school (Toland, 1976). He was sent to a technical school but got bad grades, he said in Mein Kampf that this was a way to show his father he didn’t belong there and need to go to a regular high school (Hitler, 1939). Soon after Alois died and Hitler was kicked out of school (Toland, 1976).
He moved to Vienna after getting kick out but was unable to make it into art school or sell any paintings. His mother had died and by 1910, and he was in the poor house (Toland, 1976). It was at this point where his idea of antisemitic began to develop (Hitler, 1939). In 1913 he finally acquired his fathers estate and moved back to Germany (Toland, 1976). World War 1 began and he was able to join the German army, he mentions this as the greatest time of his life (Hitler, 1939). He was decorated for his service and met many officers during his stay (Toland, 1976). After the war he worked as an agent for the army and this lead him to the German Working Party (Toland, 1976). He joined and met Dietrich Eckart who became his mentor (Toland, 1976). The party changed its name and became the National Socialist German Party, or Nazi party (Toland, 1976). His gift of public speaking became well know and soon he headed the party (Toland, 1976). After a failed revolution,...

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