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Employees are increasingly interested in jobs with flexible work schedule. What factors are driving this interest?
Flexible working simple refers to any working schedule that is outside of a normal working pattern. This means that the working hours, instead of being repetitive and fixed, can involve changes and variations. It can mean the employee has variables such as when they are required to work or even their place of work. There are some example for flexible working, there are, flexi time, compressed hours, annual hours, staggered hours and job sharing. Flex time arrangement requires an employee to be at work during a specified core period, but lets them otherwise arrange ...view middle of the document...

Annual hours are refers to the employees agree they will work a given number of hours during the year, but the pattern of work can vary from week to week. Another example is staggered hours; this lets employees start and finish work at different times. Employees may also take time off or take career breaks. The last example is Job sharing. Job sharing is another form of flexible working and it is where a job is shared between two or more people. They may wish to work alternate days, half weeks, or alternate weeks. It can even be one person working in the morning and one in the afternoon. Flexible work schedule as flexi time, telework, or compressed works weeks, are example of increasing variation in the timing and duration of hours, and location of work. Work schedule have traditionally been the norm in organization, growing numbers of employer are experimenting with a wide range of flexible work schedules at the same time as they are transforming employment system and work process across time zones and culture. Flexible schedule help employers support the environment, and cut workers’ fuel cost at the same time. Flexible work allows people to make changes to the hours or times they work, and where they work. It helps people organize their careers to accommodate other commitments, and to manage transitions in and out of the workforce. For flexible work to be described as quality, these changes must not adversely affect income, career progression, availability of scheduled leave or access to desirable employment for those who take it up. For an arrangement to be considered truly flexible it must provide the employee with the means to manage his or her work while managing other commitments, and without adversely affecting the business. In addition, quality flexible work provides benefits for both employees and employers. Benefits for employees may include increased opportunities for families to spend quality time together and greater ease for family members to combine paid work and family responsibilities, while benefits for employers include addressing skills shortages and increased staff retention and loyalty.
There are three major types of work schedule flexibility. Types of flexible work schedule include flexible in work hours, flexible in work location and flexible in work schedule. Firstly, flexible in work hours are temporary changes in an employee’s regular work schedule in order to adjust for a planned or unplanned, short-notice, or sporadic event. The flexibility helps the employee to avoid working more than forty hours in work week or to avoid having to take paid or unpaid time off for an absence. Any flexible work hour adjustment is at the total discretion of management and is not lamentable. There are some advantages of flexible work hours. Firstly, the employees can have a greater freedom in their working hours. The employees also can make travelling easier. This is mean, with working hour schedule, they will manage their work hours...

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