Possible Causes Of Silas Deane’s Death

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There are quite a few reasons for Silas Deane’s death that historians have come up with after studying his life and the people around him. Though, we will never know which one is truly the correct answer to the mystery of how he died.
In 1789, after many years of living alone and unhappily in England Deane finally decided that he would book a passage on a ship sailing to the United States. However, he would never make it back to the states. While trying to wait out a storm that had come up on the Boston Packet Silas Deane became ill, he complained that he felt dizzy and had an oppression at this stomach. Deane was put to bed, where soon later his condition worsened, twice he dried to say something but no one was ever able to make out his words. It was only four hours later after his signs of illness had began that he died.
Looking at the way Deane had passed away for the first time we could say that he possibly just became ill from a common illness or virus of some sort and died to the cause of that. This would make somewhat of a logical answer and quite a few people believed that is what happened, but of course there is no concrete evidence to prove that this was the actual cause of his death and there are a few more possible causes other than this one.
After studying Silas Deane’s life following his death it was discovered that he was very depressed by his poverty, low reputation and poor health. So a rumor was begun that he consequently committed suicide on the Boston Packet sailing back to the United States. One of Silas’ greatest friends, John Cutting, reported that Deane had prearranged to take an adequate quantity of Laudanum to ensure his dissolution before the ship would dock in America. Thus now this becomes the most likely cause of his death; that Deane, who was extremely depressed, chose to take his life shortly after boarding the ship sailing to America. The...

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