Fahrenheit 451 And Gattaca Compare And Contrast Essay

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The bureaucratically controlled Fahrenheit 451 society and the technologically controlled Gattaca society depict similar, as well as different, aspects of dystopian dehumanization. There are also commonalities shared by Vincent and Montag in their struggles of gaining some control of their life, and staying under the radar while persevering to fulfill a desire that goes against societal conformity, yet they also contrast each other in some aspects.
In both the movie Gattaca and the novel Fahrenheit 451 the aspiration of the governments to create a perfect society is very prominent, but both fail to do so and result in a very dehumanized civilization. In both instances people are unable to shape their own lives, experience true living through developing and pursuing their own unique interests, desires, and goals. They are born into their world without an independent purpose and they go through life in a very robotic manor, like a flock of sheep mindlessly following a Sheppard. This is the cause dehumanization, and is where the two dystopian societies differ. In Gattaca it is the creation of genetically perfect people, through genetic engineering, to fill a specific role in society that has a predetermined path of great success, there is no free will. Now, in Fahrenheit 451, the Sheppard is the restriction of intellect (through the illegality of books) and independent thought, while emphasizing that the only purpose of people’s lives should be to “have fun” through the absorption of non-content entertainment. As a result of people’s inability to think independently, as well as intellectually, and their heavy reliance on technological entertainment to fill the void that is their entire life, everyone has become completely desensitized. Social interaction, emotions, and emotional connections are completely non-existent, not to mention they have absolutely no respect for human life, which is the next factor of dehumanization. “We get these cases nine or ten a night. Got so many, starting a few years ago, we had the special machines built….all you need is two handymen, clean up the problem in half an hour.”(Bradbury 15) The cases are referring to attempted suicides that the electronic-eyed snake operator’s deal with, and their completely nonchalant attitude towards that amount of suicide attempts every night is representative of how that entire societies regards all life has having absolutely no value. The consideration of life as merely a disposable object with no importance epitomizes dehumanization. Associating human life with great value is the basis of humanism, take this away and the society will spiral downwards into the abyss of demoralization and brutalization. The Gattacan societies’ view on life is pretty much the same, except for when it comes to genetic perfection, they completely idolize and greatly value genetically perfect life because of what it can achieve. This corresponds into the next aspect of dehumanization in these two...

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