Exercising And Health Essay

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Exercising and Health

The human body always needs some type of exercise. For good personal health thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity a day is good for your health. But what is too much exercise? Exercising too much can cause serious problems mentally and physically. Of course it can cause short-term problems but long-term effects can come into play also.
This article asks the question how much exercise is too much? Many people who care about their health want to get in at least thirty minutes of exercise per day. However, there are some individuals who put more than thirty minutes in per day and once this intense exercise gets over an hour it can begin to cause problems especially in females. Females may start to miss periods while males along with females receive stress fractures and once they are healed reoccur. Warning signs of over training or exercising too much are having more fatigue and tiredness than you are used to, losing interest in training and competing, getting sick often, mood swings, and declining performance. There are ways to protect you from exercise-induced illnesses. These include not exercising if you are running a fever, increasing frequency of exercising gradually, eating correctly, and most importantly, drinking plenty of water. Once over training begins to take its toll many athletes may encounter post viral syndrome, which is brought on by exercising and participating in intense workouts when you are sick. Anyone can be susceptible to this syndrome especially if the body is being pushed too hard.
This article really hit close to home because I am an athlete and I feel I am an over trained athlete. The problem is I can do nothing about it. I am a track & field athlete and if I do not run I get no tuition and then I will have to go home because...

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