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My sister who works for a government agency for over 24 years as a secretary had an incident of sexual advancement with coworker, who has been on the job for 6 years. This particular day my sister was at her desk and a male coworker decides to pulls her desk chair towards him, spin it around so they are both face to face corrals her, and pushes his body against her and does a humping motion. My sister, a divorce mother of two grown children, froze in disbelief, how something like this can happen and let alone in government office, she finally broke away from him, grabbing a stack of folders and walked away. She went through the three dimensions of empathy perspective taking; did ...view middle of the document...

My sister’s boss tried to convince her to recant her statement and insisted she will personally talk to the co-worker to keeps his distance. Her boss did not use emotional intelligence in perceiving what my sister was going through and went about it inappropriately (Miville, M. L. 2006, pg 154) hoping the situation could be sweep under the carpet. My sister upon hearing this felt as if someone punched her in the stomach said ok, but her supervisor said, “No let her think about it and she will get back to you.” Finally my sister decided to proceed with a sexually harassment complaint, her boss was infuriated she had to dismiss the coworker, because he finally admitted what he did but claims he was playing around. My sister’s boss instead of having empathy for a female coworker she decided to ignore my sister by not acknowledging her, isolating her, deny any request she needed to facilitate her work, and bombard her with report that had to be submitted with hours. This is a form of retaliation by her boss and my sister could have filed a complaint against her boss but decided she did not want to go against her. Unfortunate my sister still works with that malevolent of a boss and she swears if any situation should arises she will not file a complaint within the office but instead go straight to the Regional office.

In this particular incident my sister was mistreated as if she had caused it, reliving the horrendous ordeal and people asking over and over again if she lead him on. When she finally told the family what happened it was visual the ordeal she went through her face was drawn, she lost some weight, her grooming etiquettes were not to her usual standards, and she just did not want to go to work. This issue was brought to the front pages when Anita Hill, a law professor at a university, accused Clarence Thomas; at that time to be nominated to the Supreme Court as magistrate, for sexual harassment (Smolowe, 1991). Even though Anita Hill was looked upon as an...

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