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Review of Ender’s game

The Earth was attacked by the Formics, an alien race determined to destroy humanity. Seventy years later, the people of Earth remain banded together to prevent another attack from the formics. They are far superior on technology. Ender Wiggin, a quiet but brilliant boy, may become the savior of the human race. He is separated from his beloved sister and his terrifying brother and brought to battle school in space. He will be tested if he got what it takes to defeat the formics. He begins to despise the things that he does. But he cant stop anymore and hopes to save the earth and his family. My thoughts on this movie: I think it’s an awesome movie for boys from an age ...view middle of the document...

But he can't do anything else he and his father are poor. One day his father is sick so they can't earn much money in this time. Hapu has a great idea what if he makes a beautifull necklace for the queen Cleopatra. He can sell it to her for allot of money. He works very hard to make the golden necklace. When he tries to give it to the queen he is not allowed inside the palace. So he waits and when he finnaly sees her and asks if she wants to buy his necklace. Beautifull she says. She give Hapu allot of gold for the necklace. She asks Hapu to work for her but he denied the offer. How can you denied my offer she ask? My father is sick and i need to stay with him. She understands and says that when he is better they work for her as her personal gold smiths.

The book is very nice and well written. The illustrations are really good and Chris Burke (The illustratior) did a great job! Overall i give this book a 7,5/10.

The worst movie ripoffs!
Have you ever gone to get a movie from Red Box and read half the title, then pressed the button, only to realize you got the wrong movie? Well that’s basically the business model of Asylum Films.
The studio that brought us "Sharknado" splits time between ridiculous flying fish movies and the worst rip-offs you’ve ever seen.
If a blockbuster movie is announced, you can count on Asylum to make some lame imitation hoping your grandfather’s vision will be bad enough that he’ll mistake the case for a movie
We made a list of the worst ripoffs ever:
10. Snakes on a Train (Snakes on a Plain)

9. Pirates of Treasure Island (Pirates of the Caribbean)

8. Smokey and the Hotwire Gang (Smokey and the Bandit)

7. Sleepaway Camp (Friday the 13th)

6. Badi (E.T.)

The worst movie rip-offs, continuing on the next page!
3. Great White (Jaws)

2. Atlantic Rim (Pacific Rim)

1. Transmorphers (Transformers)

Are you sick yet?
Good! We have more good content on the next page of
The Red Carpet

Engels project periode 4, film magazine (top 10 movies)

Top 10 best movies
Like every week, we’ve asked our readers to vote for their favourite movie. These are the top 10 movies this week:

1. Hungergames: Catching fire look at page ... !

2. Wolf of Wall-street

3. That awkward moment

4. Non-stop

5. Delivery man look at page ... !

6. 12 years a slave

7. Divergent

8. Kill your darlings

9. Vampire academy

10. About last night

Engels Project periode 4

News item 1:

Delivery man
Delivery man is a movie about a man, David Wozniak, whose life is a big mess. He’s in a relationship with a girl named Emma. She’s pregnant from their first child, but she thinks he can’t be the father of their child if his life’s such a mess, so she wants him to change his life.
Even on his work it’s not going well, he is the delivery man of a butcher, that’s where the name of the film came from.
And then, there’s the biggest problem in his life, and no one, except his best friend, knows about it.

A few years...

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