Maestro By Peter Goldsworthy And Into The Wild, By Sean Penn

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Similarly in Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild the importance of understanding ones sense of identity is expressed through the character Christopher McCandless, the protagonist of the story. He vanishes from his mainstream life and ventures alone to the great Alaskan wilderness, we emphasis with him as he journeys for the search of freedom and happiness. Through representations of panning camera shots and verbal expressions throughout, the responder can easily relate to Chris’s revelations and views on society. He decides, “I need a new name” and graffiti’s “Alexander Supertramp, July 1990” on a public bathroom mirror in thick red lipstick when leaving his former life. The symbol of the mirror and extreme close up shot reflects Alex’s new identity, refocussing not only his reinvention of his name but also his freedom and a sense of self-discovery. Penn amplifies the diegetic sounds of crunching on snow, chipping of wood, or banging of a stick against the mattress, throughout the whole movie, creating a dramatic effect on the responder by exemplifying Chris’s senses and understanding of self discovery through passion.

The ability to have passion influences one’s ability to strive for success due to hard work they endure. Passion is exemplified in Maestro through the desire of love and music. Goldsworthy brings to life his characters with the use of distinctive images through the metaphor “The music seemed nearer to lovemaking than to music”, thus creating a sexual connotation through Keller’s mature piano playing, paralleling it to “lovemaking”. This manipulates the responder to understand Paul’s desire towards composition. Music evokes an emotional response in the responder, making us invest more attention by becoming more involved with the characters and setting. Goldsworthy’s use of influential literary devises, create distinctively visual images through the characters as we become more involved in the story and more importantly express the idea of passion in Maestro.

In the film Into The Wild, Penn uses...

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1592 words - 6 pages an RV and could not pick up hitchhikers. As Stuckey and McCandless had a conversation, Stuckey began to think, “He wasn’t what you’d call a typical hitchhiker” (159) and made an exception to give him a ride to Fairbanks. Perhaps if Stuckey did not go into the steam bath at the rest stop, McCandless may have postponed his death. McCandless may have given up on going to Fairbanks or saved by Alaska State Trooper if his driver alerts them

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