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Energy Crisis Speech - CIS

In What Ways is Malm� Stadt Trying To Solve the Energy Crisis?

Today's society, today's world is filled with and is ready to burst with the number of problems that consume it. It seems like every day we have a new issue that we, as�one world, have to tackle. War, politics, health, world hunger, poverty. These are just some of the concerns that are thrown at us day after day. However, a crucial concern that many of us are aware of and need to pay more attention to is the eminent energy crisis problem that is affecting our world. Tons of energy is being produced for unnecessary reasons and thus, just going to waste. This inefficiency just leads to the creation of many unneeded harmful gases affecting the ozone layer and contributing to global warming. However, many countries and cities have already taken this problem into consideration and are now quickly taking action. One of the leading cities on the frontiers of this mission to solve the energy crisis in Malm�, Sweden.

Malm� is the third largest city in Sweden with over 270,000 people. Like Denmark, Malm�'s creative minds have derived several methods to reduce the wasteful energy being produced and eradicate this crisis. Malm� takes into account energy wasted in different areas, ranging from how people travel everyday to what people can do in their own households. Taking into account that cars produce most the gas�emissions and energy, Malm� concentrates on this problem first. To solve this problem Malm� has conducted many surveys, from time to time, including questions such as, how people get to work, and how many journeys a person takes in a year. Taking into consideration all the answers and possibilities, Malmo has arrived at: cycling in Malm�, efficient and convenient public transportation, and environmentally - friendly cars and fuel. Being as creative as they are Malm� managed to combine all these solutions into one, but first, let's break it down.

As you walk down the streets of Malm�, one will easily notice the narrow roads for cars. However, beside the car lanes, there are much wider lanes for bicycles. Thousands of bicycles pass by you each day, and many more are parked by the river near Malm� Central Station. Research shows that Malm� has over 420 km of bikes paths, making it the best city to bike in. Having the larger lanes for bikes also encourages citizens of Sweden or Malm� to use their bikes more often. Biking is not only more enjoyable but it is more reliable and safer. No more long drives and horrifying traffic jams. Furthermore, bicycles are without a doubt much cheaper than cars. So why not bike in Malm�; you get tons of exercise, reach destinations faster, and it is much more convenient. Everyone from students to big - shot directors are doing it. More importantly, no more harmful gases, wasted fuel and energy to ruin our planet.

Of course, there's always a possibility that not everyone owns a...

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