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Education and library services are the two faces of the same coin. The library is the backbone of all the academic activities and it is the heart of an educational institution. The primary purpose of an academic library is to support teaching, research and other academic programmes and extension activities. Academic libraries serve two complimentary purposes: to support the college’s curriculum, and to support the research of the college faculty and students. The user community of College Library comprises students, teachers, staff and extension workers. Usually the students heavily depend upon text-books and such other recommended documents referred to by their teachers. Therefore the ...view middle of the document...

Today internet age, the users prefer to access information through online catalogs, databases, CDs, and the Internet . There is more demand for electronic resource access than print resources.
Ideally an academic library should have a collection of both print and electronic resources. The primary role of a college library is to assist in the teaching learning programme of the college and provide library support to students and teaching faculty. For this the library must has quality collection in terms of
Information needs of College going students differ from discipline to discipline and levels of course/class hierarchy. But by and large they all need books/journals having immediate bearing on their course curriculum, recommended/suggested readings beside extra curricular
reading and books of general interest.

Need for Electronic Resources
The recent development in the information communication technology has affected all sphere of human life including the libraries. Internet has made tremendous impact on the academic activities of the user community. It provides a wealth of new information and acts as a powerful alternative to the traditional print version. The advances in networking and communication technology have made the information services available to the users on their desktop. The features inbuilt in the search and retrieval of these resources have made the usage to the maximum. With an unprecedented growth in the quantum of knowledge worldwide and the easy accessibility, internet has become a necessity for every institution of higher education and research.

For a long while, books and journals were the means of information provision for learning and research. Today, Information resources appear in different formats and through several channels. Information and communications technologies have opened up new vista of opportunities for information generation storage and transfer in the increasing globalized world. These technologies have impacted heavily on the way we live and work as well as how we learn.

Electronic resources are one of the emerging trends in Library services where a user can access the information electronically through computer network from and outside the library. Electronic information resources refer to all internet resources including electronic mails and free texts, such as free electronic journals and books. It also includes resources on databases, including bibliographic databases, full text databases, CD-ROM or online databases offering electronic journals and electronic books e- journals and databanks. Today e-resources become an inevitable source of information in academic libraries for supporting learning and research activities.

With the rise of electronic and internet resources, students do not feel the need to visit their library because of the traditional look it has. Therefore the academic librarian should think of innovative methods to reach out student beyond the traditional library...

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