Domestic Violence: Let's Change The Future

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Domestic Violence: Let’s Change the Future
Domestic violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) affects millions of women and children in the United States everyday regardless of age, gender, race, social status, religion, or education. According to Robert Herman-Smith, (2010) “Approximately 15.5 million children in the United States reside in households in which interpersonal violence is recurrent” (p.231). To comprehend the effects of domestic violence it is important to know what domestic violence is. Domestic violence is any type of physical, verbal, psychological, sexual, emotional, and economic abuse. Being exposed to this kind of violence has the potential to leave its ...view middle of the document...

4). When women are trying to escape the abusive relationship she may feel confused, scared, uncertain of her future and starting over, and torn between leaving or staying and making the relationship work. Women often want to stay in the abusive relationship because she may have children and she doesn’t want to separate the children from their father so she will continue being abused. Another reason she may stay if for security of knowing she has her abusers income to pay bill and feed her family.
When victims stay with their abuser and children are exposed to violence, they are also victims, possibly directly or indirectly. Children suffer silently and are intimidated into not telling anyone about the abuse and dysfunctional family they are in. Often times, children blame themselves for the violence around them. Studies have been conducted over the years to determine the effects domestic violence has on children and the results are devastating. They not only suffer physically but the psychological impact is something they carry with them the rest of their lives. The externalizing effects are aggression and hyperactivity and the internalizing effects are anxiety and depression, social competencies, bedwetting, and sleep disorders. Older children may think it’s their responsibility to “keep the peace” between their parents and take responsibility to care for the younger siblings. Studies have shown children are more likely to repeat the cycle of abuse as they get older. Boys will grow into men and abuse the partners and girls will grow into women and seek out abusive partners. But, keep in mind that all abusers didn’t grow up in abusive households. Abuse is something an abuser chooses to do to control and intimidate their family and others. Society plays a huge role in how our children are raised and teaching them better ways to solve their problems is the first step to eliminating domestic violence. In current times we are not only seeing abusers as men and women, we are also seeing children who abuse their parents and grandparents. Children and grandchildren are physically and mentally abusing the adults in the family to gain access to money for alcohol and drugs. The key to raising our children successfully is to set positive examples and educate our society as a whole. If our society chooses not to educate our children on what is acceptable behavior and what is not the problem of domestic violence will only grow to be a bigger problem.
Cultural factors also play a part in why victims don’t seek out help or shelter form their abusers. The elderly don’t normally tell of their abuse because they feel it’s their business and they will handle it between themselves. People who live in rural areas may not trust outsiders from larger cities to confide in or seek out programs offered. And, African Americans throughout history have developed a code of silence and do not trust the white society and the “system” that offers support programs. Just a few...

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