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People have started to make remarks of the resemblance between dogs and their owners, and from what we have found, it is usually noticed at dog shows and from strangers passing by in the streets. There are two factors that could make the owner and the dog similar. One would be people selecting dogs that are like them, and people who select dogs which features start to change and become similar to them over time. As a comparison to animals and their dogs, there is evidence that couples look physically similar after 25 years rather than people who have recently been wed. In the research we have conducted, we have found that purebred dogs have a greater resemblance than people who own non purebred dogs.
We had conducted research that further proves that people’s taste in dogs have something to do with their own appearance – In 1999, Corren found out that women who had long hair who are intelligent and more attractive tend to ...view middle of the document...

There was not much of a difference when it came to length of ownership, age of the dogs at adoption when it came to purebred and non purebred dogs. All sets of 15 pictures were viewed by undergraduate judges (28).
No evidence of resemblance between non purebreds and their owners had come up. Out of the twenty dogs, there were seven matches, four ties and nine misses. When the purebreds were matched (25 of them), 16 were matched, 0 misses, and 9 misses. The results showed that there was no correlation in between the number of years a dog had been with the owner. The three undergraduate judges based the experiment on characteristics such as facial features and how they were presented. A significant finding was that purebreds and their people were rated on their friendliness.
Our results show that usually, when people are choosing a pet, they look for one that somewhat resembles them. Length of ownership and similarity were not related in any way. In no way do the results show as to how much the pet resembles the owner. The judges must have used their knowledge about the nature of the animal and differences between breeds to further help them make the matches. The six dimensions overlooked had no relationship between the owners and their dogs. Although, there were some hints that pets and people were similar based on their personalities. From the comparison we had made earlier, in the nature of picking a spouse, people would want to choose someone like themselves.
Different researchers have conducted many case studies, reports and experiments to find out to what extent dogs resemble their owners, and if so, what the reasons behind it are and how it is possible. In my opinion, I would say that it is not possible for to resemble pets with humans. According to science, resemblance is based on genes, and although our characteristics may be described as the same, they are a different specie compared to humans. When owners pick their dogs, I feel that they choose them based on appearance and personality (and when it comes to personality, something that reflects themselves).

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