Digital Crime And Terrorism Case Study

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Digital crime and terrorism is one of the remaining challenges that law enforcement must address to guarantee greater global security and harmony. Law enforcement agencies therefore need better means through which they can forecast the past, present and future aspects of digital crimes so that they can be well equipped to restrict the actions of those who perpetrate such crimes. This paper is going to analyze the eight key forecasts that are related to digital crime and how law enforcement agencies can come with strategies to combat these crimes.
Forecast 1: The need for allocating law enforcement agencies more resources to combat cyber crimes
The forecast highlights the need for a shift in law enforcement and justice agencies across all jurisdictions to make officers who serve under such departments well equipped to eliminate digital crimes. One of the key areas under such a forecast will be the introduction of appropriate technology with systems that can collect cyber crime data within the jurisdictions in which these crimes take place. Business and private organizations that transact a lot through the internet are at risk of falling prey to cyber criminals and therefore more computer crime laws need to be enacted to seal loopholes that exist in enforcing the law. Privacy laws should be updated to include activities that are done through the web and this will help law enforcers to deal with cyber criminals who gain access to documents and information that they are not entitled to (Taylor, Caeti, & Fritsch, 2010, pp. 310-312).
Forecast 2: Internet fraud and identity theft
The issue of monetary fraud through the internet is one that is becoming challenging to law enforcers because of the increase in the number of people and companies who sell and buy through online payment systems. Fraud schemes and hackers have devised ways through which they can swindle internet users and corporations, their money through scams and falsifying documents, which is a threat to e-commerce. Law enforcement agencies need to partner with advocacy groups to make consumers and business owners aware of the different means which cyber criminals use to swindle them of their cash. A list of the various fraud schemes can be published, which can give the users of e –commerce precautions to avoid losing their money to fraudsters (Mansell & Raboy, 2011, p. 509). The most common ways through which people are swindled, is through unauthorized withdrawals from their credit cards and scams whereby some online portals receive payments for certain goods and later do not deliver the goods to the clients. Prevention strategies therefore must be emphasized to ensure that internet users are made aware of the fraud schemes.
Forecast 3: Increase in the level of virtual crimes in online networking sites.
There is a likelihood of an increase in the number of incidents of crimes of a psychological nature committed against internet users in a shared community through insults,...

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