Diagnostic Essay: The Way To Rainy Mountain

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Human beings are prone to having connections with everything that ever existed. For instance, you could have a profound connection with an object, an idea, geographical location, anything physical or spiritual; there are no boundaries to what a human can feel connected to. Some you may have reasons for, whereas some just come to you. “The Way to Rainy Mountain” shows the connection that the author, N.Scott Momaday felt with a certain place due to his culture and past. A connection can be established in such manner that it is not subject to an explanation. Place is one of the most common connection a human could have with nature. Just the eeriness of “place” develops such intense feelings for a person. Something accumulated without hesitation. For N.Scott Momaday, Rainy Mountain is significant to him because of/through the physical setting, the spiritual world, and his grandmother.
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The “long migration from the headwaters of the Yellowstone River eastward to the Black Hills and south to the Wichita Mountains” where the tribe settled. The journey they made helped them develop “a love and possession of the open land”, acquire “the religion of the Plains”, and also help them find horses.
Spirituality has been believed to be around for a very long time. It is the main foundation of said “religion”. The tribe also had some beliefs that they had come across in their long migration. The culture was colorful and filled with imagination. “The buffalo was the animal representation of the sun, the essential and sacrificial victim of the Sun Dance.” The author was told these stories by his late grandmother. The spiritual world meant a lot to the au authors tribe. Throughout his trip he probably felt a lost connection to this spiritual feeling due to his tribe's past.
Among these hills and mountains, the authors grandmother's grave laid. His main purpose for the trip was to visit his grandmother's grave. Due to this, he had a very deep connection with the place and how he felt about everything regarding his tribes history to the amazing extraterrestrial, exotic stories. During his trip he came across “a dark mist [that] lay over the Black hills, and the land was like iron.” He mentioned that “there are things in nature that engender an awful quiet in the heart of man; Devil's Tower was one.” His grandmother mentioned many spiritual rituals and stories that Momaday was aware of. His relationship with his grandmother was based on these stories as this was what held the memories of the tribe together.
Being the reason of these unbelievable stories, the author or anyone in his place with ability to write would want the world to at-least know, so he wrote this book/essay. His journey was adventurous. The memories that come back to him while on his journey is also a reason why he would want the readers to know what kind of a beautiful place exist, yet evil still tends to pull through with its actions. If I were to have go to the Himalayas then I would also consider knowing the history of how the Ganges came to be.

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