Designing A Craft Knife Essay

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This assignment has been a very successful assignment for me. Firstly I was asked to design a craft knife that had to meet these qualifications:
• Safety
• Ergonomically pleasing
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Same or better functionality as other craft knifes in target market
My final design met all of these requirements and perhaps even surpassed them. My target market was people of the age 13+. This is a very large target market and the variety between each knife is different. The main problem with this field is getting an ergonomic feel for the target market. The knife had to feel good in 13 year olds hands varied to 50 year old hands. This proved quite challenging but I believe the design I chose portrayed every aspect of other knives but also looked elegant and fit for purpose.
Changes made to knife
My knife went through a lot of changes. From the point of concepts the knife changed once, in concept analysis the knife was chosen out of a combination between two knives. Then in design development the knife changed about 3 times. This is because the knife was not aesthetically pleasing the first time. The second time was because of the knife’s shape. It was too curvy for a blade to fit in there and function properly. The final time was because the curves of the knife were in the wrong place which created a very bad ergonomic handle.

At the mock up part of the assignment it really put my knife’s design in perspective. It showed me that the design was way too thick and that it needed to be thinner in order to be ergonomic. After I made it out of the light blue color It was very dull and boring. I tried changing to a dark blue color and made the mechanism adjuster (thing that makes the blade go up and down) red like the groove on the knife. This helped in making the colors mix more but more importantly it gave me the colors I needed to make this design fit. During my mock up development I measured the size of the knife and it seemed to be of average size comparing to other knives. I drew a full size picture of my knife in side on and in front on view and added measurements which showed exactly how big everything is.

This was extremely helpful because my next step was my orthographic drawing which is extremely complicated. In this drawing I tried to draw the knife while it was on a side. This turned out to be wrong and so I had to redo my orthographic which wasted precious time that I needed for my model which in my opinion is the most important part of this assignment.

When I decided it is time to make my craft knife I realized that I had very little time to do it in which made me rush the model a lot more than I normally would have. At first I plan to make...

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