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Achieving success in workplace is closely associated with the ability to communicate effectively , both in the workplace and with outsiders . They are even more vital today , when the changing workplace has brought these communication challenges : advances in technology , globalization , an increasing culturally diverse workforce , and the adoption of team-based organizational structures.More and more businesses today are crossing national boundaries to compete on a global scale and the make up of the global and domestic workforce is changing rapidly . The European , Asian and US firms are establishing offices around the world and creating international ties through global partnerships , cooperatives and affiliations . Burger King is owned by a British firm , and McDonald sells hamburgers in India . Exxo-Mobil , a so-called American company , receives almost 75% of its revenues from sales outside the US . New employees at Finland-based phone maker Nokia are increasingly being recruited from India, China , and other developing countries . American soft drinks and Japanese cars have established a strong presence in India. It is necessary for these companies to understand the laws , customs and business practices of their host countries and deal with business associates and employees who are native to these countries . Even within their nation , firms are working with a growing number of employees from diverse backgrounds . So whether managers work abroad or at home , they will encounter increasing cultural diversity in the workplace. With more options to choose from , customers have the power to insist on their needs and preferences . To satisfy the customers , firms need to provide services and products of their choice. They have to overcome the communication barriers arising out of differences in language , culture , business practices etc.Understanding cultural differences in perception , greetings, gestures is critical to all business people . Success in business often depends on knowing the business practices , social customs and etiquette of the host country. What motivates you may not motivate them. Or your style of communication may be straightforward and open , but they may find this approach uncomfortable and threatening . To work effectively with these people , you'll need to understand how their culture , geography, and religion have shaped them, and how to adapt your management style to their differences. Managers at global companies like McDonald's , Disney , and Coca-Cola have come to realize that economic values are not universally transferable . Management practices need to be modified to reflect the values of the different countries in which an organization , operates.Because values differ across cultures , an understanding of these differences should be helpful in explaining and predicting behaviour of employees from different countries.As business gets global , the culture of a country becomes an important determinant of...

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983 words - 4 pages an individual or an organization the main objective is to communicate with consideration to the culture you are working with. Do not allow ignorance to be used as an excuse for inappropriate actions. Work Cited Wade, Jared. "The Pitfalls of Cross-Cultural Business"; Risk Management. New York: Mar 2004. Vol. 51, Iss. 3; p. 38 (5 pages) <> Holden, Richard. "Managing people's

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582 words - 3 pages 1) Conventions for courtesy - When people from different cultures communicate misunderstandings often result not only from their words but also their ways of communicating. Every language has common conventions for polite interaction and certain formalities and courtesies is expected which other may dismiss as insincere chitchat. In the example, the person (Indian) talking to the agent seems to be defensive behavior even though it does not seems


1243 words - 5 pages AbstractThis paper will attempt to analyze cross-cultural and cultural psychology. It will examine the relationship between both, discuss the role of critical thinking in cross- cultural psychology, and discuss the methodology associated with cross-cultural research. Culture is a full range of behavior patterns (N.A. 2010, p. 1). Culture can be distinguished by a set of beliefs and attitudes from a given generation (Shiraev, & Levy 2010, p

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1041 words - 5 pages JOURNAL SUMMARY TITLE : Cross-Cultural Competence In International Business: Toward A Definition And A Model by James P. Johnson, Tomasz Lenartowicz and Salvador Apud PREPARED BY : Theva Amirtha d/o Ramasamy (220705) 1.0 INTRODUCTION In this journal, the writers examined the concept of cross culture and how it has been addressed in the international business literature. Although international business failure has been ascribed to the low

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1084 words - 4 pages dimensions of culture: the normative (standards for behavior), the cognitive (knowledge and beliefs), and the material (tangible objects). An elaboration on each of these dimensions helps us to better comprehend the nature of culture.The difference with cross cultural psychology is that it does not focus on how parents and friends impact human behavior but instead culture has a powerful impact on an individual's actions. Cultural psychology seeks to

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786 words - 3 pages and cons of cross-cultural communication in today's world, and how to overcome the defects and make progress in it. In my point of view, the cross-cultural communication can be divided into two parts: One plays active role, which I call win-win communication. And the other with the adverse effect, which is known as culture invasion. In a win-win culture communication, different cultures can learn from others' strong points, as to overcome

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