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What does Montag think of his feelings would be if his wife dies?
Montag began to think about how him and Mildred’s marriage started, which both of them don’t remember. His thoughts were, “he remembered thinking then that if she died, he was certain he wouldn't cry. For it would be the dying of an unknown, a street face, a newspaper image, and it was suddenly so very wrong that he had begun to cry, not at death but at the thought of not crying at death, a silly empty man near a silly empty woman, while the hungry snake made her still more empty.”(Page 41), which means Montag won’t be sad about the fact Mildred has died but the fact he doesn’t feel anything but empty and how the society made ...view middle of the document...

As long as people remain having the information which is lacked of knowledge, they can always be controlled by government that providing these information keep them far from powerful and being an intellectual. It’s because this may threaten the government which became dangerous. People who read books and thought for themselves formed ideas against the government. The government needed firemen in order to keep people from thinking, so that they would destroy books before they could be manifested in people’s brains to form ideas. It’s because the ‘thinkers’(who reads book) are ideas and they could threaten the delicate balance between happiness and ignorance, equality and inequality, which the government has tries so hard to achieve.

What is the meaning of the title of Part 2?
To associate the meaning of the title of Part 2 with Montag and as this is described in page, the sand represents the knowledge that he peruses to attain, which is the material importance, and the sieve probably represents the difficult situation to get knowledge for Montag, that he is faced to. Also this could mean his mind trying to grasp and retain the knowledge.

What is the importance of the dentrifice commercial?
Denham’s Dentrifice appeared on the scene when Montag was on the subway while he decided to escape to Faber’s house. The importance of this advertisement in the scene is that this distracted Montag from thinking by keeps on playing over and over.

Why does Montag go to see Faber?
Montag wanted Faber to teach him to understand what he reads. It’s because even though Montag had everything to be happy, he actually wasn’t. Something was missing in him. He wanted to talk to someone about it but nobody listened to him. Then he looked around and “the only thing he positively knew was gone was the books he had burned in ten or twelve years.”(Page 78) That’s why after he remembered that he had once met Faber a park and knew Faber was a professor of English, Montag wanted to seek knowledge from him about book. The other(or the actual) purpose was that Montag needed a duplicate copy of the stolen book before he returns the original book to Captain Beatty. 

What does Faber tell Montag about books?
Faber tells Montag that book is not what Montag needs, but the things contained in the book. He says that the contents of the book can be found in old phonographs records, old motion pictures, and in old friends, but book were one of the way for people not to forget things. The books don’t have magical power in them but it’s magical how books combine the information and knowledge into one garment.

What are the three things which Faber says are missing from society?
Faber tells Montag that the missing things from society are;
i. Quality of information which is texture with more pores that contains the telling
fresh details.
Leisure time to think and digest the information.
The right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two.

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