Comparison Of The Poems In A Brixtan Markit And Not My Business

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In class we have been studying poetry, and the two poems I have chosen to compare are “In a Brixtan Markit” and “Not My Business”.
“Not My Business” is about four people who are standing up for what they believe in and they are getting arrested by the government to stop them from speaking out. In the last verse the man who is trying not to get involved because he doesn’t want to get punished but when they come after him his attitude changes. Niya Osundare who is a Nigerian poet of whom uses his poetry to speak out against the cruel dictatorship that ruled his country.
“In A Brixtan Markit” is about a man who walked into a market and a police officer takes his bag and in the end the office beats up the man. “In A Brixtan Markit” was written by James Berry a Jamaican writer and poet. When he was seventeen he moved to America and worked as part of a war time contract labour scheme. Four years later he was disgusted by how the black workers were exploited. In 1948 he came to Britain and his poem “In a Brixtan Markit” was written shortly after his terrifying experience in London.
In the first poem “Not My Business” the structure is quite simple. The poem is split up into four different verses. The first three verses are in a regular structure they are seven lines long and the last three lines repeat themselves. Whereas the last verse is irregular it is made up of five lines and those three lines are not repeated in this verse. I think the poet has structured it like this so that:-
 It is simple and easy to read.
 The first three verses are about other people and the repition is to give it atmosphere.
 The last verse is irregular because it is about when they come after him. There is no repition and the atmosphere is diffrent.
In the second poem “In a Brixtan Markit” the structure is also simple. It is split up into five verses. The five verses are in an irregular pattern. Verse one and four are three lines long, whereas verses two three and five lines long. I think it is structured like this because if you look back at your poem you would see that the verses that are three lines long are about how he feels also what he believes, but the verses that are five lines long they are about what is actually happening.
In the first poem “Not My Business” the atmosphere is aggressive and seems sad. The aggressiveness is created by the way he says they treated the people e.g. “beat him soft like clay, and stuffed him down the belly of a waiting jeep”. Also “booted the whole house awake and dragged Danali out”. It`s sad because the one person doesn’t seem to care. As long as he doesn’t get involved and he doesn’t get affect him then he doesn’t care. Also when they say “then off to a lengthy absence” even though this line is vague as it is not very clear, it suggest that he may not be coming back and it makes you wonder whether he is still alive. When reading the poem the poet wants us to feel sorry for the people involved. Also he wants us to feel sad...

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