Comparing And Contrasting The Poetry Of Lord Byron And William Blake

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The Romantic period brought a new outlook on how people viewed the world. The fight for individual rights was a major cause for the sudden change. There were too many rules that held people back from being able to express themselves. Once they began to broaden their ideas and practice new motives whether it was political, or emotional, it brought freedom of expression. Many poets took the chance to enlighten their readers on their works. They would write in order to paint a picture and gave more detailed descriptions of the conscious mind. For these poets it brought many people to enjoy their freedom of speech and encouraged a new way of thinking.
Two Romanticism poets that stand out are George Gordon, known as Lord Byron, and William Blake. According to The Norton Anthology Western Literature, Lord Byron cultivated the persona of the solitary sufferer as well as the dashing adventurer. These two concepts are seen in majority of his works. He did not limit himself to only poetry. Lord Byron wrote many lyrics, oriental tales, satires, and melancholy poems. In his lifetime he was able to attract many readers as he engaged in Romantic Ideology.
William Blake’s works’ were simpler than Lord Byron’s. Blake took a softer approach as he expressed his ideas without saying too much. His works included phrases that had more meaning to its simple message. He took what he had learned in the world and added it into his poetry. He was able to capture all sides of life whether it dealt with a child or the unknown presence of an object. He was bale to take the little and turn it into something big that would be remembered for a long time.
Both poets captured the romantic period essentials and combined their works to create masterpieces. They intrigued readers to eliminate the fear of expression as they captivated their thoughts into words and gave a new meaning and a path towards freedom of expression. Three of Lord Byron’s poems that will be addressed are Again Decieved! Again Betrayed!, Stanzas for Music, and Fare Thee Well. Three of William Blake’s poems that will be addressed are The Lamb, The Little Black Boy, and The Sick Rose.
In Lord Byron’s poem “Again deceived! Again Betrayed!” he expresses the true emotions of the character is feelings. He captures the notion of knowing when it is time to get away from problems especially with the relationships described in the poem. The character in the poem has dealt with pain, heartbreak, and pain. “That ever lied like truth,” is an example of a paradox and simile. (Page 794: Line 4) This line expresses the opposite meaning which is lying and telling the truth. It also described how the lie is like telling the truth. “The wayward Passion roves,” is an example of personification. (Line 10) Lord Byron gave passion the ability to wander around. Passion being capitalized also gives it ownership. “I wish they love remained today to...

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