Comparing And Contrasting Famous Artists And Their Lives

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In the 1920’s he was a successful artist and teacher but with the rise of Hitler and Nazism his work and art was rejected. He fled Germany for Amsterdam and after the war moved to the United States. During all this upheaval and persecution Beckman continued to work. He was prodigious and his output was considerable. He was in all the major institutions in Germany . Beckman was a critic of Nazism and the fascist regime. His images criticized the use of propaganda Beckman used a very forceful imagery. He used a lot of black with quick and knife like movements in his art. Beckman had studied the great masters in Paris and he understood the power of historic composition the grand statement and used it to his advantage. In this particular image Beckman uses a conventional triptych form to make a very contempory statement about the excesses and indulgences when Germany was in turmoil. The year after this painting was painted (1943) the Nazis regime tried to draft Beckman into the army at age 60 having just suffered a heart attack. And a feeble attempt to beat him into submission. His draft was rejected and he fled to the Netherlands where he painted further criticisms of the war torn Germany before eventually migrating to the U.S. In this image (The Carnival) Beckman was trying to show the seemingly frivolous and fun loving experience of acrobatic performance was also an allegory of political intrigues and social constructs of human existence. In the artwork there are many symbols such as the Anubis the Egyptian god of the dead which shows the undertone of what is going on in society and the destruction and haberdashery of the Nazi party. Beckman’s work portrays the happenings and gives an inside look into the lives of the people and events during a difficult time for him and Germany.

Francis Bacon
Francis Bacon was born on 28 October 1909 in Dublin, Ireland. He grew up in Ireland to a wealthy family but his parent s moved between Ireland and England so he always felt dislocated. He didn’t seem to have a career or direction. He had a problematic relationship with his father. His father introduced him to a friend of his who he instructed to take him under his wind and make a man of him. Unbeknownst to his father the friend likes young handsome gay men. The friend took him to Berlin and introduced him to cabaret amongst everything “else”. He had a difficult life and worked as an interior designer and did have had some influence on the Australian artist Roy de’Maistre. While waiting to start his art career He felt he could not yet start because he didn’t have direction or a topic that would keep him interested. He lived in France for awhile where he saw a lot of great artworks.
When he started this artwork (study of Innocent the X) he had to go to Rome to view Velázquez portrait of Pope Innocent the X. When questioned about his paintings he said it wasn’t because he had anything against the pope and then he went on...

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