Compare & Contrast Of “Everybody's Ditch” And “In Praise Of Hometowns”

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In both of these excerpts place holds such significance to the authors. They mention that everyone has their own “haunted” place that may have shaped them into the person that they are today. In “Everybody's Ditch by Pyle” the author tells us the importance of a specific place –a ditch in the authors place. The ditch was a canal named “High Line Canal” in Denver. He mentions how it held and shaped him into the person he is in the present while also discussing about how other people have also enjoyed the presence of the such place. He is sad that its natural life is being cut due to the suburbs growing in Denver but the place still holds its special meaning in everyones heart that has ...view middle of the document...

On the contrary, Pyle's place is much more of a permanent place whereas Pipher suggests that us as humans should be able to make any place how feel-good place. Both places hold the accounts of the authors feeling completion and just a feeling of euphoria which they express in their writing. Even though Pipher describes her hometown she doesn't touch up on everyone but just one instance. She feels as if Nebraska is something that can be beautiful but to me it feels as if she was trying to make it a beautiful place whereas Pyle's ditch has much more verbal description about how the High Line Canal was used besides his own benefits. Pipher also faces some comments by strangers when it comes to fact that Pipher moved from Nebraska to NYC and got questioned about if she would move back and her response to that was, “No. I am home and home is not a salable piece of real estate.” While she says that in all reality we as human are still using home as a salable piece of real estate which loses its true natural beauty. It will also not help you have a real connection with the habitat that you “bought” for yourself if you do not feel it.
In both of these excerpts the authors are in a way trying to connect the reader with nature so they (readers) can also feel the emotions that the author feels. It would also help see the places around us more than just a piece of wasteland. Pipher in her essay mentions that her husband made a comment on someone else's comment about Nebraska not being beautiful and Pipher's husband responded with...

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