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Coca Cola: India's TragedyWater is the essence of life. Without water, there would be no plants, no animals, and no people; there would be no trace of life. Everyone knows that water, air, and trees are common commodities that all living beings share; however, in the past few years that concept had changed with the introduction of "Water Privatization". The water industry is now the third largest industry in the world, which raises the question, who owns water? One of the biggest beverage and refreshment companies known all across the world is Coca Cola. According to its website, Coca Cola has always proclaimed to be socially responsible; however, based on numerous evidence and case studies, its corporate social responsibility was not fulfilled. One of the most unethical practices that Coca Cola has done was constructing a water-bottling plant in Kaladera, in the state of Rajasthan in India even though the Central Ground Water Authority declared the area's groundwater resources as overexploited.In the documentary, For Love of Water (FLOW), directed by Irena Salina, many issues of water privatization were discussed and it raised many questions. In short, water privatization is the process of transferring government functions to the private companies and organizations. In many poor communities water privatization is considered to be a tremendous crisis because the private companies are literally stealing the communities resources, and then selling them with prices that cannot be afforded. The documentary emphasized the issue and focused on the corrupted politics of the water industry and the great violation of human rights.Coca Cola is one of the most popular beverage companies in the industry with over 120 products including bottled water. The company operates 49 bottling plans located in India alone. For many years, Coca Cola claimed to be a company that strives for a better future and sustainability; however, to the people in Rajasthan, that is not the case. Coca Cola uses groundwater as the main source for water. Not only did Coca Cola locate its bottling plants in India which is considered a developing country, Coca Cola chose to locate them in the poor and drought areas, only making the existing water crisis even worse. This has negatively affected the local farmers who depend on agriculture. Because of the declaring ground water levels, women and children have to walk long distances to get water. Along with the decline of water levels, the quality of water declined as well. People noticed a difference in color and smell as a result of Coca Cola dumping waste into rivers and surrounding areas. In 2003, people of the state organized a campaign to shut down the plant; however, Coca Cola did not respond and kept extracting and polluting water. According to the Central Ground Water Board, The ground water level in Kaladera dropped almost 30 meters in the last 20 years.In the year of 2008, The University of Michigan demanded to have a third party...

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