Columbus Hero Or Condemned? Essay

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A great hero from Europe or a man with only himself and his people in mind? Many people believe that he was a hero whose discoveries lead to the possibilities we have in America today, while many other condemn him for the deaths of many Native Americans that occurred to make it possible to live in America today. What would someone like me see in Columbus’ discoveries and enslavements? He introduced the Europeans to new products and ways of financial expansion. Even though Columbus gave us a head start to a better life here in America, what lengths did he go to make such a life possible? He brought over diseases to the natives and also grazing animals to eat up the vegetation. These deaths would have never occurred if not for the countries that funded the exploration. Columbus and the Europeans would never have come to the Americas when they did and so many natives would not have died.

What could one man do to change the world we never knew? Columbus’ explorations gave us many opportunities. He introduced new products such as tomatoes and cotton which we still eat and use today. His discoveries of these products were beneficial because it gave the Europeans a new variety or change in their diet. The discovery of the Americas also allowed new trading options and financial expansion which benefited all of Europe.

What great length would one man go to for himself and his people? Although Columbus’ discoveries offered more trade and financial gain for Europe and himself, the consequences were more deadly than the gain could ever be fruitful for the natives. With the grazing animals that the Europeans brought over to the natives, also came a drop in vegetation which decreased their food supply. With the exchange of goods between the Europeans and the natives there was also an exchange of diseases. With the diseases such as smallpox, mumps, measles, and whooping cough, also came another called death. With these diseases spreading through the native villages, fifty to ninety percent of the native population died. With...

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