Clash With The Hurricane Personal Narrative

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Clash with the Hurricane- Personal Narrative

I woke up early morning and turned on the TV. I could not see anything
clearly because I did not have my glasses on. Only red flashing lights
from the TV appeared in my eyes. I got up and went and put on my
glasses. The red flashing lights that were coming from the TV now made
sense to me. ‘BREAKING NEWS’ I used the remote controller and went and
put up the
‘Indestructible hurricane has blown over the Big Ben’ I could not
believe what I was
‘The hurricane has taken over 230 lives and still has not finished its
quest for destruction. The hurricane is now appearing to be heading
for North Surrey’ the news reporter man
‘God, I live in North Surrey’ I thought to myself. I began to be
frightened and scared.The pictures that are being shown on TV are
horrendous and horrific. Men and women are laid on the floor covered
in blood, helplessly. Trees have been battered to the ground. Cars
have been toppled over. House windows and doors has been smashed open.
Buildings have been left completely damaged. The cry of men and women
could be heard on TV. Ambulance and police vehicles were helping the
people who are injured at the crime seen.

‘There was no news that a hurricane was coming our way, and also where
we live hurricanes have never come in Britain’ I thought to myself in
despair. Every TV channel is broadcasting the destruction which hit
London. I had to get out of this city. The bloody, brutal, barbaric
hurricane might come here anytime. I went outside.

The grey sky darkened from the blue, light sky of the early afternoon.
It suddenly turned to a dark, gloomy sky with a mist cloud hovering. I
walked back into the car, seemingly it was going to pour down.
Heavily, the wind blew. I turned to shut the windows, but, as I looked
closer out of the window, gigantic clouds started swirling together
creating an immense hurricane. I knew hurricanes were so dangerous
but, at the same time, from a distance it was such a magnificent
phenomenon. Heavily, rain poured, hitting the ground with loud bangs
like bullet from a gun. I was in my car so the sound was on the roof.
All around ‘bang, bang, bang.’ I began to be afraid.

My mobile phone vibrated in my pocket. I picked it up. I looked at the
phone screen to see who it was. It was my
‘Hello, mum are you alright’ I said in a panicked voice, after knowing

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