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From bridges, tunnels, and roads that which many drive upon, to the buildings and houses that we humans inhabit and work on. We take much for granted, because none of this would be existing without the specialized job civil engineers. Civil engineers are people whose job consists of designing, building, leading, and of making sure project follow a good budget. Some of the things that these people design are used in our everyday lives. Examples of such are buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, and even the underground sewer system. Being also required to move around a lot, their life becomes slightly more stressful. In order to maintain many construction sites, their jobs require them to ...view middle of the document...

Now all I had to do was circle the site with a checklist to see if everything was functioning well. It did seem like a boring job but at least I get paid well. Finally something out of the ordinary happened. One of the workers was trying to insert a metal bar somewhere but accidently put it in the wrong place and upon that another huge pipe was placed on top of it causing half of the whole building to shatter apart. We still had a lot of work to do put I decided to stop working at 4:00 in the afternoon. I took another 4 hour ride back home and I got ready for another hardworking day.
As stated before civil engineers have to drive around a lot and must use a lot of gas. This is why many of them decide to buy a cheap car that has a lot of gas mileage. This is why many civil engineers pick cars that have excellent gas mileage. For example the Honda CR-Z is a car that many people pick if they have a problem like this. The Honda CR-Z is a cheap car which can be sold for $19,995 even when it is new and it has a 36/39 mpg which is very good for such a cheap car. I would probably have to pay the maximum amount of money for gas because since a civil engineer has to go to many places. That is another reason I picked this car, because I can try my best to save up as much money as I could. Although there is an option to get an electric car, that would not be possible because you can only charge it when you are at home and since I have to travel a lot it will run out of...

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