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"What About The Children"Over the past years, family patterns and family structure has changed tremendous in the United States as well as other surrounding countries. The rise in the number of parents who are deciding to divorce has risen and contributed to a great increase in the amount of children that are being forced to be raised in single parenting homes. The change has accomplished concern with the public as well as controversy about the children's well-being. Researchers have determined that children do best when raised by in-tact homes with two married, biological parents, as long as the relationship is healthy with a low level of conflict.When a family experiences divorce, it is a tough time for everyone involved. Parents suffer things like anxiety, depression and parental stress. When parents make a life altering decision to divorce, parenting the children becomes inconsistent and ineffective for one parent or both at times, as well as children experience reduced parent-child affection. However, the children become the victims. (Barajas)The reason why couples decide to end their relationship in a divorce stems from many reasons that can or cannot be complex. The issues are usually specific to the couple's relationship and cause the couple to give up their marriage and separate their households. The reasons that have been most commonly cited include; lack of communication, infidelity, sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional abuse financial problems, and different goals in life, irreconcilable differences, meddling of in laws, different maturity level or outgrowing each other. Some other reasons mentioned are religious beliefs, criminal behavior and or just simply falling out of love. The leading factor presented is the lack of communicating with each other. When communication fails in a household, it is almost impossible to continue an effective relationship and be unable to discuss issues or feelings. Lack of communicating makes it impossible to solve issues (Barajas).Researchers have found out that most divorces extend from family structures that have high levels of conflict. In these marriages, there are usually some experiences of fighting, arguing, physical and mental abuse and violence. As opposed to low conflict marriages that may experience problems that are not so out in the open (Buehler and Welsh).They just might be unhappy with each other and the children could not know that an issue exists. According to some research children who are in homes that are experiencing the low conflict, tend to get caught by surprise if their parents decide to divorce. So this can be a devastating experience for the children. However, the children whose parents' suffer from a high conflict marriage, are better off going through a divorce than to stay in a household filled with conflict (Buehler and Welsh). The issues tied to high conflict marriages do not create a healthy environment for children.How children view their parents' divorce is going...

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