Chest Pains Of A Heart Attack

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Heart attack, a common symptom of a cardiovascular disease is a very dangerous and fatal disease. Specifically a heart attack is when the coronary artery to the heart is blocked by a plague that's built up in the veins, thus stopping the blood flow to the heart, and can lead to heart muscle cell death. Notoriously known to affect people of an older variety, and the number one killer in the world. Heart attacks are a disease to be extremely wary of because: everyone will eventually be susceptible to it; although some ethnicities are more prone to have heart attacks everyone will eventually grow old and be just as vulnerable, a heart attack is sudden and can be difficult to distinguish without ...view middle of the document...

although this Atherosclerosis occurs over a long period of time, such as a decade or a year, it will eventually lead to conditions in adulthood such as abnormal heart rhythms and heart weakening due to the overworking of the heart. occasionally the vein may rupture because of plague and a blood clot may form. With the two clots of blood and plaque forcing the heart to work into “double overtime”, an heart attack is ineluctable by this point, and is almost certain to occur in the early morning,because of the increased adrenaline the body produces during these hour. (In some unusual cases a heart attack is also known to be caused by the spasm of the coronary artery- when the coronary arteries constrict and lowers the amount of blood regulated to the heart. A heart attack caused by this method can occur during rest, but is most likely to occur in someone with a coronary artery disease.)
A heart attack has several common symptoms. Discomfort and/or pain in the proximity of the arm, chest, below the breastbone, back, jaw, and throat. A choking feeling, or one that closely feels like heartburn. Sweating, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, anxiety, weakness, and lightheadedness. The heart was also begin to beat in an irregular pattern/rhythm or rapidly.
Although the risk for a person to have a heart attack is based on several factors, such as ; age, race, family, history, and gender, there are severals way to prevent, or at least lower, your chance of suffering a heart attack. The first, being to not smoke ,or use, tobacco which increases your chances, because to the use of tobacco increases blood pressure, damages your heart and surrounding blood vessels, and...

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