Chemotherapy Medication Error Essay

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The topic of this article is medication error related to chemotherapy drugs. Forty percent of medication errors have been related to chemotherapy drugs. It is imperative that the nurses are properly trained on these medications and fully understand what is being administered before giving it to the patient as well as know what the proper dose is before administering anything to the patient. More importantly the nurse must pay close attention to their patient’s response to the chemotherapy given to the patient or it could lead to a serious injury or death.
Chemotherapy drugs are more dangerous than other drugs because of their narrow therapeutic index. What is therapeutic index you ask? It ...view middle of the document...

Bruce (2013) states, “administration is the stage of the medication process more vulnerable to error.” (p. 31). Checking the amount the doctor orders as well as a two nurse check before administering the medication is pertinent. This measure is used as a precaution to protect the patient against potential harm. Currently there are millions of outpatient chemotherapy treatments annually in the U.S. the importants of this fact is that a large number of medication errors made involve chemotherapy. The best way to utilize this information in one’s career is to recognize the problem and find a solution to decrease the amount of errors made during chemo treatments. Methods for avoiding errors are, implementing stricter protocols for safety features on the IV infusion pump, increase the patient’s involvement in their treatment at their level of understanding, and strictly enforce a two nurse check to validate the medication given ensuring that the right drug is given to the right patient with the right dose in the right...

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