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Elvis had many comorbid symptoms during his lifetime. Firstly, Elvis had issues with substance abuse. When he was in between appearances and shows he struggled to find a way to handle with a less hectic lifestyle. His autopsy revealed that he had at least fourteen different drugs in his blood stream. Starting around the time he was enlisted in the army, Elvis slowly began to take uppers to give him energy. When it was time to settle down, he would take sleeping aids such as Ethinamate (Romano, 2014).
He also had trouble with his weight. In his earlier years he was physically fit, becoming involved with martial arts and even horseback riding (EPE, 2014). However, starting in the 1960s, with ...view middle of the document...

It seemed to cause him anxiety as he tried to stay relevant in the pop charts.
Not only was Elvis experiencing mental ailments, he was also having several physical illnesses. He was diagnosed with secondary glaucoma in the early 1970s (EPE, 2014). Elvis claimed that along with his glaucoma, he suffered from high blood pressure, an enlarged heart, clogged arteries, and a twisted colon (Hirshberg, 1995). Kathy Westmoreland, a friend of Elvis, also says that Elvis’ colon was enlarged and that the fluid retention he experienced was due to the antibiotics he had to take for his colon. Some friends go as far to state that Elvis’ decline in physical health was due to an undiagnosed condition (MacDougall).
I believe that the reason that Elvis was facing so many problems was because he put himself into this stigmatized mindset. It was not because he believed that he was holier-than-thou- because he was famous. In fact, Elvis was known to give to several different charities, centers, and make generous donations (EPE, 2014). However he knew his social/ status and because he was so giving, it became both a strength and a downfall. For example Elvis felt in a way responsible for the death of his twin Jesse who died at birth. He felt the need to give back and provided medical treatment for not only him, but others he may need it (MacDougall). While it is good that he can rationally think beyond just his wants and needs, it seems that he does put others in front of his own feeling each time. At Bill Black’s funeral, one of his dear friends, he declined because he thought his stardom was going to be a fuss instead of going and being able to get some reprieve at the service.
Elvis also had trouble formulating his emotions for Priscilla when they first met. Elvis was from a religious family and was against the idea of premarital sex. He irrationally reacted when reporters questioned his relationship with Priscilla in the beginning. Not only because she was a younger teen, but because he felt that being sexually attracted to her was bad. Although, after he was married to Priscilla in later years, he encouraged the idea that they both can have outside relationships. Despite this, he still reflected on his Christian (and slightly misogynistic) upbringing and became jealous when any of his female lovers had other relationships besides him (MacDougall).
When it came to his health, he felt that he constantly needed more drugs to help tame his physical ailments. With his colon retaining so much fluid, he may have not understood and mistook it for weight that he could waste away with diet pills. Besides drugs he took for his health, he also took out prescriptions to enhance his energy or help him wind down. He had this thought that if he doesn’t have those pills, he wouldn’t be able to go throughout his day.
As I mentioned before one of Elvis’ strengths was being able to be that giving person and thinking not just of himself. That could also make the therapy difficult...

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