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“What does it mean to read?” Personally, reading to me is more than just deciphering the words on a page. Reading, to me, is understanding the lessons the book is teaching you and applying them to your life. Do you remember the bedtime stories your family used to read to you when you were younger? Do you remember the first chapter book you read in elementary school? Everyone book you have read or been read to you, have taught you a lesson. Whether the lesson was something as petty as brushing your teeth before you go to bed, or something that completely changes your perception of life. Some of the most important lessons books have us taught throughout history are bravery, love, and ...view middle of the document...

One of the most prominent ways storytelling is essential in every society, is having the memories of the past live on throughout generations. If it weren’t for books, would I even be writing this essay? If it weren’t for books would we even know what happened one hundred years ago? If literacy is loss in humanity, the future generations will have to grow up and live their lives ignorant to what their ancestors had to live through. If human race was illiterate, there would be no knowledge. We would not have history to study, literature to read, or equations to solve. Literature is responsible for everything that the human race has. We wouldn’t have half the technological advances for have today in the 21st century if it wasn't for literature.
In my opinion, even though it’s one of the shortest books we read, The Sounds of Waves teaches one of life’s most important lessons, love. In this book, Shinji and Hatsue are in love, even though no one approves. Even though everyone else in society is against
their love in the beginning, they don't let it phase them. “Shinji well knew how sharp the villagers' tongues could be. Hatsue promised not to...

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