“Can Machines Be Conscious?” Essay

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"Can Machines Be Conscious?"In regards to the topic entitled "Can Machines be Conscious?" I strongly agree that machines in today's time and in past times have a conscious. A machine can be simply categorized as an object that does work at the expense of the consummation of another material; for example, fuel is what our car engines consume to mechanize propulsion. From the point of view of Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi, Authors of "Can Machines Be Conscious?" see that in the future, it might be possible that our minds are downloaded onto a hard drive and uploaded into some type of contraption that holds our memories; like robots only with our memories, feelings, and consciousness. If we ...view middle of the document...

When a computer 'glitches out' or changes a setting randomly with no logical progression (for example, your computer randomly shuts down for no reason), one would normally think that the computer is just broken or virus stricken; in retrospect, the computer is in a sense reaching out to the user to say that something is wrong with it and that one should take heed to find the problem. This is the hidden ability of a machine to rationally weigh its options based on a loss of power or short circuit to save its life (memory).John Horgan, the author of "The Consciousness Conundrum", says that we do not have any idea what consciousness is defined as and the fact that entropy (a measure of how disorganized a system is) is growing larger and larger as we become more and more sophisticated. If Horgan is correct in thinking that we have no clue what consciousness is then how can we say that computers do not have it? How can we assume that a computer can not think, decide, and problems solve with emotions like we can? The answer is simple; we cannot say for one hundred percent certainty that a computer does not have its own consciousness. His second thought is that entropy is growing as we become more and more technologically advanced. While I do agree that entropy is a scary thought, I do not agree that entropy is getting bigger as we become more advanced. If we look at cell phones from a few years ago compared to now, we see that less radiation is actually measured; that would lower how disorderly a system is, therefore reducing the entropy of the system. I believe that, with the proof of Horgan's words, since we do not exactly know what a consciousness is, we cannot say that a computer does not have this and therefore we can say that a computer MAY have the...

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