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Bullying is an inevitable part of life for all people; however, what is the best possible way to handle with bullying so that both the bully and the victim can learn from the encounter and become decent civilian than being scum of any society? We must look at every single detail that bullies act, the way it influences the victim, the bully, and the bystander, and how much bullying normally transpires in public and private institutions. Bullying is an everyday occurance and it has plagued institutions globally. It’s an important issue in today’s world and is worthy of discussion.
Characteristics of a Bully
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This act is normally performed by the bully utilizing death threats, backstabbing, or unleashing rumors to a peer group (Coloroso, pg. 162). While these types of bullying are not necessarily the stereotypical images that normally come to mind when thinking about bullies, they are all very serious and can possibly have some serious detrimental effects physically and mentally on both parties involved.
There are three different categories that students may fit into when talking about bullying. Students may either be a bully, a bully victim, or a bystander (Olweus, pg. 146). Research shows that bullies have proven to be more depressed than students who are not involved with bullying (Olweus, pg. 145). Depression is an extremely serious mental disorder that can lead to any number of other issues such as poor self-esteem and insecurity or extreme suicidal ideas. Other problems associated with bullying are a decrease in academic performance, and even dropping out of school altogether (Olweus, pg. 145).
Characteristics of a Victim
Victims seem to be further at risk to issues like loneliness, backstabs, heartbroken, suicidal mentality, and loss of friends (Coloroso, pg. 162). Research indicates that victims have been revealed to be unhappy as students who are not joined with bullying (Olweus, pg. 145). These risks increase even further if help and emotional support for these students is not provided (Milsom & Gallo, 2006). This represents that recommending support to victims of bullying is important as stop bullying itself from spreading throughout the globe.
Characteristics of a Bystander
The last category is the bystanders, while they are not necessarily at as high of a risk as the bullies and victims may be for future problems, they are still faced with a moral dilemma whenever witnessing bullying. The question is should they themselves intervene, should they go get help, or should they just do nothing and stay out of it? While adults may encourage students to stop fights, that isn’t the answer that bystanders chooses to make. Bystanders normally feel uncomfortable at the sight of bullying, but they might not manage to make right...

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