Brandon Teena Brought His Fate Upon Himself In The Film, Boys Don't Cry

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Brandon Teena is the main character in Boys Don’t Cry. He is a boy that, as he himself proclaimed “had a birth defect or something”, meaning that he was born a girl. Throughout the movie, he is searching for acceptance, for somewhere that the way he is doesn’t matter. This is first shown to the viewer when he moves out of Lincoln, Nebraska, to Falls City, Nebraska. At the end of the film, Brandon Teena is brutally raped and later murdered. Though Brandon’s fate was in no way his fault, nor does it excuse or forgive what happened, Brandon brought his fate upon himself because he knew that the culture where he was living explicitly rejected and hated people like him. Brandon also kept trying to prove to himself that he really was a man, but he never truly satisfies himself. He also has many dreams that he lusts after but never does anything to accomplish. These things, in the end, are how Brandon Teena brought his fate upon himself.
Brandon knew that people in the area hated people like him because when he first shows up in Falls City, it is late at night and there is a party. All the guys are participating in an invented sport called bumper skiing. The guys that Brandon has connected with are loudly proclaiming that “faggots” couldn’t do such a sport, and they encourage Brandon to do it. The next morning, Brandon doesn't know where he is, so he calls the friend who helped him dress like a boy at the beginning of the film. The friend is upset with Brandon and tells him, "Now come straight to my house. No bars, no stealing, and no girls." Brandon knows he is in trouble and in an area where no one likes him, but he is unafraid. At the end of the film, when John and tom are beating Brandon, they tell him that it's all his fault because he knew he shouldn't be like that, he knew he shouldn't be a freak of nature. Brandon relents, crying "Yeah, of course, I mean, this is all my fault." Brandon knew that he wasn’t in an accepting place, and he had many chances to escape, but he kept coming back. This contributed to what happened in the end of the film.
Brandon keeps trying to prove to everyone around him that he is a boy, even though he isn't. He knows that he isn't, but it doesn't seem to faze him, so he keeps trying. He chases girls as much or more than the other men in the film. In one...

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