Birth Control In Public Schools, The Debate Still Stands

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“Eighty two percent of parents have talked to their children about birth control but what about the other twenty seven percent?” Our nation has the highest rate of teenage pregnancies among western developed countries. What is that showing to our teens? Some say it falls back on the parents and other people argue the school system needs to step up their curriculum and teach about the different contraceptives not only about abstinence. Even though the responsibility should not fall back on the public school system, birth control should be taught in the public school because parents are not always educated in the different types of birth control and it could prevent pregnancy in high school. ...view middle of the document...

The poll also asked parents what they think about sex education, and eighty -nine percent said YES leaving the eleven percent to say NO.” (Goldberg). I feel as though thats a powerful statistic because its showing that most teens along with their parents want the information to be taught in the public school system.
Even though the responsibility should not fall back on the public school system, birth control should be taught in public schools because parents are not always educated in the different types of birth control that could be provided. There are over twenty different kinds of birth control out there, If schools taught about birth control then that is one way to cut down on teen pregnancies and it would provide medically accurate information. This will allow students to make healthy decisions for themselves. “Sexuality is seldom discussed with any comfort or openness between parents and teenagers” (Globe) Putting the curriculum in public schools could cut down on the awkward conversation between teens and parents and everyone would know the same information. If the public schools would work the curriculum in , that does not mean that parents do not need to have talks with their teens,.i It is just a method of assisting teen to help them get accurate information about a big life decision.
One reason the responsibility should not fall back on the public school system could be because of religious aspects. Some families might feel strongly for the abstinence only program because of their religion. Some parents could find that the school is trying to send a different perspective to their children. With that ,the school should take that into consideration so they can be mindful of the life choices the teens might be carrying with them. Another approach could be to “teach teens how to resist their natural urges until marriage” (Sarasota). This curriculum could go off of the abstinence only program.Just teach teens the different messages of being safe, I think we all should agree that abstinence is the only way to absolutely...

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