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Privacy (Pri-va-cy) n.1. the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. Privacy is illusion humanity has invented to make human feel free. In the dystopian novel, 1984 written by George Orwell, Big Brother is a figure of control over the civilians’ non-existent ‘privacy’. The society is brainwashed into following a man they’ve never seen I person before and being part of a government that lies and goes by these three slogans,” War is Peace, Slavery is Freedom, Ignorance is Strength”(Orwell 4). What person in their right mind would believe this? The mere idea of ‘privacy’ is nonexistent in 1984 because ‘Big Brother is Watching You’ (Orwell 2). This idea ...view middle of the document...

In 1984, such labor camps are mentioned for the same purpose. When a person steps out of line they are rained upon and most likely executed. It can be emphasize that the words freedom, privacy, and human rights are not in their dictionary. Being under surveillance not only at work but goes to the extent of only watching approved programs, reading approved publishing, and listening to a radio that can be shut off but only turned down for periods are probably oozing in propaganda. It’s no wonder why many risk it when feeling the country when though they are fully aware of what happens if they are caught.
The invention of the internet was the latest innovation of the late 20th century, though it wasn’t used to its full potential till the 21st century. Humans practically live of the internet and spends on average of 32 hours per month on the internet according to, we check our emails, send messages, view other social life, read articles, do online searches, get the address to that new restraint in town, and view our bank account online. The internet is a great tool we can all utilize to do just about anything. But there is always someone who takes advantage of things. According to journalist Paul Whitefield from Los Angeles Time, the U.S. National Security Agency has collected Yahoo webcam image chats including those with sexual communications. Though it is no secret that the government can track calls and people in case of an act of terrorism, it just plain crazy that they “check folks out in their birthday suits” (Whitefield). Yes people do dumb things and post them but them doing dumb things is one thing but the government being dumb is another level. Truly everyone wants to be safe from terrorist attacks but it makes people feel a lot more threatened by the government peeking into their privacy
Technology has advanced so much that it can fit into our very hand. Smart phones, smart TVs, PCS, tablets, laptops, smart car you name it. It was invented in 1927, and it’s in every home, and its spying on you, the television. Jason Huntley noticed that his smart TV...

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