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How to Become a Professional Hockey Player
This formal report is necessary for numerous reasons in order for the client to succeed in the NHL. The client requested this report on December 1, 2014 at 7 P.M. This report will be written on the theme, how to become a professional hockey player. Getting the material in this report originated from primary and secondary research, coming from the client interview to research conducted from websites, books and reports. This report will have three major topics, firstly it will speak about education, followed by responsibilities and job description and lastly the report will inform the client about compensation and advancement ...view middle of the document...

Next, there is a conclusion, to wrap things up and give the client a decision to be made whether to pursue the career of hockey.
Education/Personality Trait
The client, Rob Foote believes that American universities will provide him a scholarship to play for their university, while in Canada he believes there are no educational opportunities. Based on the primary and secondary research, it expresses that university hockey in America is paid for by the school, that wants to recruit the player. The university will reimburse for extra expenditure and will additionally repay for further teaching such as summer school.
Canadian Junior Hockey Education Vs America Junior Hockey- Onto Canadian junior hockey, where there are countless educational opportunities, as well an opportunity to play in top tier hockey. In Canada, universities will offer a player in the OHL, which is junior hockey, a chance to play for the university. The university will not pay for grants contrasting America. Canadian universities provide the hockey player a chance to play for their institute and numerous NHL scouts attend these university hockey games. These NHL scouts attend the games to evaluate players, and send the statistics back to the NHL teams and they draft these players constructed on their talent level. This as well goes in hand with American universities, as multiple scouts attend America university hockey. Indeed, equally American and Canadian universities contribute to a hockey player occupation and provide this player an opportunity to be seen by all NHL teams.

(Braden, Jackie. "RBC Poll Finds Hockey Fans Will Get Their Fix, At The Local Rink." - RBC. N.p., 10 Oct. 2012. Web. 15 Apr. 2014.
This chart represents that the players playing in these hockey leagues throughout Canada will acquire a grant from the government for post-secondary schooling, unlike America, where they reimburse the students entire debt.
Personality Traits- As far as personality traits goes for a professional hockey player, it comes down to one, which is respect. Respect is a key trait because it takes you a long away. Respect keeps a player in the NHL longer or gives a player a better chance to play in the NHL. Therefore making respect a major trait, if my client wants to pursue the career of hockey.

Responsibilities and Job Descriptions
The client, Rob Foote believes that the responsibilities that becoming a hockey player is limited, but based on the research this shows to be the exact opposite. The research proves that being a professional hockey player comes with much responsibility.
Responsibilities- Some of this responsibility comes from giving back to the community and NHL players spend numerous hours a month doing charitable acts. Several professional players spend down time doing charity work in their communities, to give back to the less fortunate.
Job Descriptions - This is sometimes...

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