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Athletic Compliance JobsAbstractThe following paper is a research paper looking at current compliance opportunities with in collegiate sports. This research paper will be structured around the investigation of two different college athletic programs. The investigation of both compliance job opportunities will be outlined by a detailed description of the job duties, job responsibilities, and the basic qualifications required in obtaining the job. This papers overall purpose is to outline and better understand what it takes to acquire and maintain a job as a collegiate compliance officer.Compliance JobsThe job of an athletic compliance officer is both multifaceted and important to the wellbeing of college athletics. In many cases around the United States, compliance officers server their athletic departments with similar core roles and functions. A compliance officer's primary role is to educate its athletic staff regarding NCAA or NAIA rules and guidelines. The concept of education in this role can come in and from various forms. In general, the method or form of education is not as important as the intent and willingness of the compliance officer to make sure the athletic department is following rules and guidelines. Next, a compliance officer is expected to also monitor his or her athletic department. In some cases around the country, schools have several compliance officers to keep watch over the on goings of its athletic department. Regardless however, of the number of compliance officers an athletic department has, each compliance officer must be sure to keep a close eye on any potential rules violations. The job of monitoring with a close eye is very important as the NCAA's concept of institutional control is very important to the process of understanding and enforcing compliance violations.One compliance job that is currently open is at the University of Michigan athletic department. (NCAA, 2012) posts that the job requirements are "bachelor's Degree - 2 - 5 years of compliance experience in a Division I athletics program - Demonstrated knowledge of NCAA rules - Demonstrated commitment to high professional ethical standards - Demonstrated ability to work in a fast- paced office setting - Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team - Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate information to a range of audiences - Strong verbal and written communications skills". The University of Michigan would prefer however, that applicants have a master's degree in law or any other relevant advanced degree. The should also be able to prove that they have a working knowledge of Big...

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