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Once upon a time, there was a peaceful and resourceful land inhabited by a people called the Arawaks. In these lands were gold, food, and more importantly, tranquility. Although the Arawaks dressed stark naked, they wore gold earrings. They lived on agriculture and livestock. These people lived in the Bahamas Island and behaved very similar to the Indians on the mainland-America. These people could rightly be called Native Americans/Indians. However primitive these people were, they were very organized.
In a much busier world (Spain), lived a very adventurous, religious, and loyal man named Christopher Columbus. Born in Genoa, Italy, Christopher Columbus was the son of a very skilled weaver. He was an expert sailor, thus earning the title of “Admiral of the Ocean Sea” for himself after his successful expeditions. He had a favorite ship, Santa Maria although he had two other ships (Nina and Pinta). Like most sailors of his time, he knew that the world was round. However, he assumed the world was smaller and he believed he could go on a successful expedition to Asia in search of wealth.
Thus began the story of the European invasion and conquest of the Indian settlements in the Americas. A story of conquest, slavery, and adventure. The search for wealth, fame and power is not modern; it is rather traditional. The story begins when Christopher Columbus asked for financial backing for an expedition to the Atlantic. Already, rivalry existed between Portugal and Spain concerning who had more power in Europe. Playing on this rivalry, Columbus met with the king of Portugal seeking sponsorship but was refused and therefore had to convince the rulers of Spain in order to carry out this expedition he much wanted. Luckily for him, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella agreed to provide the financial backing on the condition that Columbus brings back gold and slaves.
Totally under pressure to deliver, Columbus set out for Asia. On the line was the fame of Spain, the governorship position (over new found lands) promised him, and the title of the “Admiral of the Ocean Sea.” Therefore, Columbus had to succeed by any means possible because he had been told to bring back “ships of gold and slaves” although success wasn’t guaranteed.
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