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Rabbits Do Not Wear MascaraHave you ever considered the shampoo you use may have caused thousands of animals to die? What if one day you were taken out of your home and sent to a lab to be put in a cage that barely has enough room for you to sit or stand? What if the lab you were sent to has scientists who spoke only dialect and did not understand you when you screamed that the bleach in your eyes burned and you could not see? When you are screaming in pain consistently because the pain is unbearable can you image being beat because you are annoying the scientists that are examining you. Did innocent humans die to ensure you that consuming your household cleaner will cause immense pain and damage to your organs, humans did not but animals did and continue to be killed for our assurance.Animal testing can be traced back to as early as the ancient Greek and Roman times ("History of Animal Testing"); the first major reference to animal testing was in the late nineteenth century when Louis Pasteur gave some sheep anthrax to show the importance of vaccines with his germ theory. ("Better Science Limitation of Animal Testing") Through animal testing many species of animals have been subjected to various and harmful subjects that have been proven to be detrimental to both their physical and mental health. Throughout the years most animals have gained some rights but they are still used and abused for many different experiments. In animal testing labs species such as mice, rats and birds still have no rights and are not accounted for. ("11 Facts about Animal Testing") It is estimated that approximately seventy million animals are used for testing annually in the name of science where most of these innocent animals are used in more than one experiment. Throughout time innocent animals have been and still are being subjected to but not limited to eight different tests per experimental product."There will come a day when such men as myself will view slaughter of innocent creatures as horrible a crime as the murder of his fellow man. Our task must be to free ourselves by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole nature and its beauty." Albert Einstein (1879-1955).One experimental test that animals are subjected to is a potency test. One form of the potency test was originally developed in 1927 by J.W. Trevan called the LD50 test. This test is done by forcing the animal to ingest the particular test product either by forcing a feeding tube down the esophagus and into the stomach, being placed in an inhalation chamber where toxic fumes are inhaled, or by having it applied to the skin. By doing this procedure it can cause high levels of distress including paralysis, shock, vomiting, convulsions, and bleeding from the animal's nose, eyes, anus, and mouth. This inhumane cruelty goes on until fifty percent of the animal test subjects have been killed due to exposure. After the animal dies they are then dissected to...

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Animal Testing Essay

1354 words - 5 pages Animal testing has been going on for decades all around the world. Increasingly however, more and more protests have been happening against animal testing. People from countries all over the world have started noticing and are working towards banning animal testing but not all people have this view point. This essay will be discussing the negative effects of animal testing and why it should be banned. So first of all, what is animal testing

Animal Testing Essay

2967 words - 12 pages ANIMAL TESTING INTRODUCTION Animals have been used in scientific experiments for a long time to be able to understand and define how human body works and to cure certain diseases. However, most of the people are in disagreement to use animals in scientific experiments. They suggest using humans as test subjects with the drug trials. The first reason why humans should be used for drugs trials is that animals are living creatures that have rights

Animal testing

1931 words - 8 pages animals used in the Draize Test suffer the same amount or to the same degree, they suffer greatly none-the-less. In his essay "Fighting to Win," Henry Spira describes this test: "You start with six albino rabbits. You take each animal and check that the eyes are in good condition. Then, holding the animal firmly, you pull the lower lid away from one eyeball so that it forms a small cup. Into this cup you drop 100 milligrams of

Animal Testing Is Wrong

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Animal testing is unethical and should be regulated

1255 words - 5 pages Animal testing is unethical and should be regulated.In the present era of science and technology, animals are used for experiments in various domains such as cosmetic testing, education, biomedical research and so on. Educational institutes from all over the world use animals in biomedical testing; cosmetic and genetic industries primarily use animals for different types of tests. Sarah Rose A. Miller, who wrote the prize-winning essay for the

Animal Testing

873 words - 3 pages . How can we as fellow animal species continue to allow this to happen? Animal testing is a callous and barbaric practice. It is unreliable, and there are newer ways to test products that do not involve slaughtering animals. Animals have no voice and cannot defend themselves, so we need to take a stand and put a stop to animal testing. While there are many regulations as to how animals are treated, it is impossible to monitor all testing

Animal Testing

724 words - 3 pages animal testing “Beauty without cruelty” is the outcry that can be heard from animal right activists around the world. The FDA does not require companies to perform tests on animals but if the cosmetic product contains chemicals that can be seen as toxins, testing becomes a necessity. There are currently thirteen safety tests that are performed on animals. Anti-testing activists deem these unnecessary and consider them to be cruel

Animal Testing

1017 words - 4 pages Animal Testing As history shows man has endured and overcome many diseases and illnesses. These diseases killed many people and caused many to suffer. Most of these diseases have been cured do to mans medical research. Medical research has improved people’s lives along with increased life expectancy greatly. These medical breakthroughs have helped mankind in many ways, but in order to achieve these advances in medicine many animals suffered

Animal Testing - 1440 words

1440 words - 6 pages So the next big question is, isn’t animal testing essential? Doesn’t it cure disease and save human lives? Well the answer is no. Animal testing is unreliable, expensive, time consuming, and most of all it’s not necessary. Animals are not good models for humans. They are allergic to certain basic compounds that are fine for humans, like Paracetamol (“used to treat many conditions such as headache, muscle aches, arthritis, backache, toothaches

Animal Testing - 975 words

975 words - 4 pages Animal Testing In the 1880’s, Louis Pasteur conducted one of the most unpleasant series of animal experiments in the history of the fight against infectious disease. Unable to see the organism that causes rabies with the microscopes available, he convinced a skeptical medical community of the microorganism’s existence and also the possibility of vaccinating against it. He did this by doing work on rabbits and dogs. In 1885, after much

Animal Testing

1713 words - 7 pages Animal Testing            More and more animals are being taken form their natural habitats and tested on every year. Researchers, scientists, and companies just trying to make new products are using animals to further their experiments. If animal testing continues to happen at this rate then their will be no animals left to use for food, study, or even for simple amusement. When the animals

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633 words - 3 pages this oven cleaner. Believe it or not, this testing goes on everyday and is a common form of testing for several products. Other products such as eye shadow and soap are tested on rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, dogs, and many other animals, despite the fact that the test results do not help prevent or treat human illness or injury. Animal testing is morally and humanely wrong because of the lives they take, the form of testing, and they ways testing

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903 words - 4 pages products on these relatives."More than 205,000 new drugs are marketed worldwide every year, most undergo the most archaic and unreliable testing methods still in use: animal studies" (PETA). Animals may seem like the ideal specimens for testing new drugs, but the experiments are untrustworthy and cause unknown side effects. Animals have helped form useful medicines for humans like anesthesia; they have also helped put dangerous drugs on the