Anger And Violence In Of Mice And Men

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In ‘Of Mice and Men,’ anger and violence is of common recurrence. Anger, as shown by many characters, is always around because of fear, jealousy and anxiety.
is always the source of this anger, whether it be toward him, because 
of him, or from him. One of the first characters to portray anger in John Steinbeck’s Novel is George, Lennies companion. Straight away in the Novel, anger is shown towards 
Lennie, Georges anger is because Lennie wants something they do not have, and because it is Lennie who is ‘pleading,’ George is Expected to have it. This is only due to Lennies innocence. George tells him, "Well we aint got no ketchup!" his anger is clearly 
out of frustration, as he goes on to talk about how he could do "Whatever the hell" he liked if Lennie wasn't around. "I could get my 
50 bucks at the end of the month and go sit in a cat house and enjoy myself, but no, I'm stuck with you". George is almost saying that Lennie is a burden to him and that if Lennie were to leave George alone, then George would have a more relaxed life. All of this anger that George is giving to Lennie is because George is frustrated at not being able to further his life in a way in which he wants to.
Also George and Lennie (and all the other ranch workers) have a dream, when this dream is broken and will never happen, all of the workers get angry and violent to others on the ranch showing their frustration and how they will never get a sense of security, comfort or companions. The first example we see of this, is when Carlson bullies Curley in forcing Curley to let his dog be killed and gotten rid of because “He ain’t no good to you, Candy. An’ he ain’t no good to himself.” Carlson feels important and in-charge, just like he wanted to be (a boss, can feel secure and have companions) but to gain respect he tries to make people like him but this does not work, he feels that if he was ‘the boss’ then he would get respect and because he does not achieve this he has to bully and pick on people, especially Candy.
Another part of the Novel, where both anger and violence is shown is in Curley. Curley once was a welterweight boxing champion, but now he is older and his dream has ended, he has become the son of ‘the boss’ at the ranch. Both of these elements leave Curley always getting annoyed with most ranch workers and trying to show off to them but all this gets him is people who hate him. yes, it makes him feel in-charge and the boss, which he is not but his anger and hatred towards others leaves him socially out on his own...

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